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Top 5 Beauty Essentials Every Girl Should Have

Every girl has this few things they can’t leave the house without. And there are definitely things that cannot be missing in your beauty kit. Today we are sharing our top suggestions on what every girl should always have a part of their beauty essentials.


1. Facial Wash and Makeup Remover

If you care about your skin health, you probably already know that maintaining clean skin is a must and is the primary base of every skin care routine. So a Facial wash and a makeup remover are essential, always! Anything you put on your face can be useless if you don't have a clean face, and absolutely, whatever expensive treatment you are getting wouldn't suffice if you haven't done the very basic. This may sound simple but everything starts with clean skin so never forget to always prep and clean your skin with a makeup remover and a facial wash. We have a facial wash dedicated to whatever your skin type is, see our Revitalizing Toning Cleanserand acne stop facial cleanser.


2. Hair Dryer

Messy hair don’t care? Nah! We are always a believer that you should always feel and look great no matter what. So unless you get weekly blowouts from a salon, a hairdryer is absolutely something you should have. Drying your hair can be so much fun and having well-dried hair is really imperative for prepping yourself for the day. We always vouch how self-care is so important, and we insist that hair care has always been part of self-care.


3. Nail Polish Remover and Nail Dryer

We girls love to look glamorous and chic all the time, and doing our nails can be such a fuss especially if we live busy lives. That's where a polish remover and a nail dryer comes in handy. Imagine when you actually need to change the color/design of your polish for an unexpected event, just go grab a polish remover and easily design your nails and dry it in an instant with a nail dryer. Voila! Party-ready in just a minute! See our UV LED Nail Dryer for your options.


4. Sunscreen

If you’re dead serious about taking care of your skin, you know that sunscreen is a must-have. Read about our previous blog about how sunscreen is a super important part of a healthy skin routine and should not be missed. Applying sunscreen does not only protect your skin from UV rays but helps in preventing fine lines and sunspots.


5. Lighted Mirror

Everything will be much easier with a lighted mirror. From your skin care routine, to make up application or even when you just feel to check your skin condition, a lighted mirror is a must so you don't have to deal with makeup mishaps and poor lighting during your skin care routine. Check out our Best Selling Hollywood Vanity Mirror to bring a sense of ease to your makeup and skincare routine.

What are 5 things you can’t leave without when it comes to beauty and skin care?

We’d love to know about yours! Let us know in the comments.