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Everyday Skin Care Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

With all the skincare tips and advice on the internet, it can br confusing to know what you really should and should not be doing. With the blast of information you are getting, we sometimes forget basic skin care steps. We all want to achieve gorgeous skin but we sometimes disrupt the process without realizing. Today, we break down 5 of the most common skin care mistakes that you may be guilty of which can affect your overall skin health.


Mistake No. 1 - Wearing Make up While You Sleep

We all know that this is a bad idea, but most of us are guilty of this. We have a busy schedule and often times want to go straight to bed. But when you realize the effect of sleeping with your make up on, wearing makeup while you sleep will be the last thing you want to do!

The make up you have on your face all day long attracts free radicals that break down the collagen production of your skin making it look dull and dehydrated/ This can even speed up the aging process. When we sleep, our skin is repairing and renewing, and with makeup on, you are giving your skin cells a hard time to do so. Make it a habit to remove all makeup before sleeping so your skin cells can do their job. You don’t want to wake up with dull skin and clogged pores, do you? 

Mistake No. 2 - Not Washing Your Face Properly

This is the biggest mistake we make and the most important thing we should not miss. Perhaps, cleansing is the foundation of your skin care regimen so doing it wrong can sabotage the whole routine. Not washing your face properly stops the production of new skin cells that can lead to a dull complexion. We suggest you do a double cleanse when starting off your skin care regimen. Double cleansing will assure that all impurities and makeup residues are fully removed from your skin. Use a make-up-removing product first before washing your face with a gentle facial cleanser. We recommend Lancôme Eye Makeup Remover followed by our Revitalizing Toning Cleanser. This helps get rid of stubborn eye makeup and mascara easily, getting your face ready for a nice cleanse with a toning cleanser that gently removes dirt and makeup while leaving skin soft and supple. This preps the skin for moisturizing with our Cell Repair Serum.

Mistake No. 3 - Skipping SPF

This is something you should avoid. We advise wearing sunscreen all year round when you'll be exposed directly. SPF protects our skin from the dreadful effects of UV rays. Exposure to UV can have massive effects on our skin, especially premature aging. By applying SPF, you can prevent this damage from the dangerous rays which cause fine lines, sun spots and saggy skin.

Mistake No. 4 - Improper Sleeping Pattern

Not getting enough sleep is another culprit for why you are getting a duller complexion. As mentioned, while sleeping, our skin cells regenerate and repair and if you are not giving them enough time to do their job, how can you expect them to give you a healthy, glowing skin? It is highly recommended to get at least 8 hours of straight sleep to maximize the rejuvenation process plus all the other health benefits you can get from sleeping. Did you also know that sleeping on your side can give you wrinkles? When you sleep on your side, you are applying too much pressure to your face that leads to creases. To prevent this, we suggest for you to try sleeping on your back or use a silk pillowcase which is softer to lessen the pressure on your skin. You can always try our C0Q10 Cream with Biopeptides before going to sleep to stimulate cell renewal as you sleep to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Mistake No. 5 - Not Getting Enough Water

Water works wonders not only on our skin but to our whole body in general. Water keeps the skin cells and the whole body hydrated. It maintains moisture on our skin and is keeping our skin hydrated and supple. It’s advised to drink 8 glasses of water or more every day. Not getting enough water can result in dry, dull looking skin. Check out our Cell Repair Serum to give your skin a burst of intense and lasting hydration that helps to replenish and retain moisture.

We all have the best intentions when it comes to taking care of our skin and it can be confusing to try different skin care practices. But having a consistent routine and getting it right as far as what and what not to do can have a better impact on your skin health. Be sure to remember these common mistakes and try not to do them, so you can achieve that gorgeous skin you’re wishing for.