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General Questions

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Our skincare line is manufactured in Arizona, USA and operated out of Seminole, Florida.

Yes, please send an email to requesting samples and we can arrange samples to be sent for bulk wholesale purchases.

Our products are strictly cruelty free. No products or source ingredients are tested on animals.

Formulated with 100% natural ingredients designed to treat and protect an array of skin types and conditions. The entire range does not contain any animal by-products or animal derivatives; we use only pure and powerful plant-based oils and extracts to promote healthy, glowing skin.

Skincare Advice

The ideal method for maintaining balanced skin is keeping a consistent skin care routine and avoiding harsh chemicals that can strip the skin and create more blemishes. Additionally, a diet rich in water, fresh fruits and vegetables and low in preservatives is also important.

Ideally skincare should be applied to a clean canvas - i.e. make sure your skin is free of makeup and other things that layer on the skin. We recommended using our toning cleanser as the first step in your morning and evening routine.

Watch our full skincare routine.

Exfoliation is ideal 1-3x/week max. Over exfoliating can actually cause more breakouts and damage your skin if you over do it. You want to exfoliate but not strip the skin of necessary balance.

Our skincare line is perfect for sensitive skin, we are proudly free of nasties and skin irritants including parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, PEGs, mineral oils, sulfates, silicones, GMOs, and synthetic colors and fragrances.

Of course! Send an email to and we can help you with skincare recommendations and figuring out your skincare type.

Acne Questions

Consistent moisturizing with a mild cream is extremely helpful. By moisturizing the skin frequently and consistently the rough patches of eczema and congested pores that can occur with acne are usually eliminated. Additionally, this helps balance skin's pH and reduces dryness.

The biggest acne myth is that drying out the skin will help clear this up. In fact we know that very dry skin is more prone to acne and continues to produce more blemishes vs properly moisturized skin.

The best plan for acne prone skin is to use a mild acne facial cleanser, followed by an acne mist and the final step would be an acne gel. Our acne stop system contains this regimen and then should be followed up with a moisturizer and avoid putting too many creams on your skin.

Hormonal or cystic acne sometimes requires medical interventions in addition to topical skin care regimen so if your acne is painful or you are finding large pimples or lesions that penetrate deep into the skin do not attempt to pop them, simply see your doctor.

Do not pop acne blemishes. This causes trauma to the skin and creates scarring.

Eyecare Questions

Adequate hydration and sleep of course helps from a lifestyle perspective but some darkness is also genetic. Using an eye creamthat helps hydrate the skin and can penetrate vitamins deep into the delicate under eye skin is your best non injectable option for improving eye bags/darkness.

As we age the muscles around the eye and the tissue loses elasticity. This can lead to puffiness and mild wrinkling. Consistent use of an eye cream helps to reduce the visibility of these circles and puffiness.

Gently dab a small quantity under and around the eye area twice daily and allow it to absorb.