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I launched Estala Skincare to help women struggling with scarring and common signs of aging feel as beautiful as they are.

My name is Esta, and I’m a car crash survivor and skincare entrepreneur. For 30 years, I underwent numerous facial surgeries to repair the damage my skin had sustained.

I tried dozens of different creams and lotions to improve my skin, but no available skincare product had the impact I was looking for. As I was about to give up my search and settle for just okay products, an idea came to mind...

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All of our products are made using only naturally derived ingredients so you can feel safe about what you put on your skin.

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Slugging is a skincare technique that involves slathering a petrolatum product or Vaseline after your skincare routine to prevent water loss. The term “slugging” is adopted because once the petrolatum coating is applied, your face looks shiny, slimy, slippery, and a bit dewy like a slug. The idea is to keep the skin as hydrated as possible while protecting the skin barrier. If you know anything about Korean beauty tenets, hydration and skin protection form the basis of all routines. 
Taking care of one’s skin is a personal matter. In the world of skin care, there is no shortage of opinions; strong and mild in equal measure. Depending on who you talk to or what you read, you are likely to have a challenging time sifting through facts, myths, and opinions on pretty much all topics on skin care; from moisturizing preparation to UV rays’ protection
There are probably only a handful of things that put your skin’s barrier – also known as epidermal barrier – through the wringer than bad weather. Given that the skin is the first point of contact with the environment, the skin barrier is the first line of defense against all forms of external factors. Think of all the irritants, aggressive, and corrosive agents in the form of fluids and solids that come into contact with your skin.