The Importance of Having the Right Vanity Mirror

For those of us who want to be sure our makeup is always perfect, having the right vanity mirror is an important, if not vital accessory.  In selecting that mirror, we want to be sure we’re getting the best, and most accurate reflective surface for our money.

Here are some things to be aware of when searching for a vanity mirror:

Natural Light
The importance of having natural lighting as part of your vanity mirror cannot be overstated.  Nothing offers more accurate natural light than the sun, but even that illumination, coming from a single direction can cause problems with shadows and unnatural highlighting.
For the best makeup application, you need ambient, diffused lighting.  This is how you avoid mistakes coming from simple errors with light.

A proper vanity mirror offers light from all sides, not just from the top.  This allows proper makeup application that looks great both indoors and out. And LED lights, such as those in our mirror last a long time and give you the most natural-looking light.
An additional advantage of a quality vanity mirror is that it can be used in any room, even where there is insufficient regular illumination.

Adjustable Lighting
You want your makeup to look right in the intended lighting.  The harsh fluorescent lights of an office are far different than the lighting in a romantic restaurant or club.  This is why it’s important to get a vanity mirror with lights that are fully adjustable for brightness and for warmth.

The Quality of the Light
Doing your makeup under harsh, bright, unnatural lighting defeats the purpose of having a vanity mirror at all.  The Estala luxury mirror gives off no harsh, unnatural light, the way some mirrors do. Instead, it offers softly diffused light that perfectly imitates natural lighting.  

Want to Experiment?
A quality, lighted vanity mirror allows you to try out new makeup and new looks with confidence, knowing you have just the right lighting to do it properly.  In the wrong light, you may not know whether the makeup turned out the way you intended or not.

Store Your Settings
Look for a mirror with a memory.  There may be times (like every day) that you need to put on your makeup in a hurry.  A lighting memory function stores your personalized setting information, offering you the perfect makeup light quickly and easily, every time.

No more streaky foundation or other makeup mishaps.  With the right vanity mirror, you’ll feel and look like a celebrity every time you leave the house.

If you are in search of a perfect Vanity Mirror for your daily makeup and skincare routine, Estala Skin Care has a top quality Holywood Vanity Mirror that has all the features you will ever need for your perfect makeup light.

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