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Look Out For These Skincare Trends In 2020

Vegan Beauty:Vegan beauty has become more and more popular in recent years as the wellness arena has expanded, and since then, has pretty much crossed over to the mainstream. With more and more people choosing plant-based lifestyles, it makes sense.  Look for natural products wherever possible. 

Microbiome Movement:  Skincare trend watchers know that feeding and boosting our skin's good bacteria is beneficial. On the surface of the skin, there is what is known as the microbiome, which is made up of bacteria, fungi and viruses. They make certain chemicals that keep the skin healthy and help your skin’s barrier stay intact. There is a lot of technology coming out about the microbiome and we now understand there are three ways to work with the microbiome in skincare.

Home Beauty: That’s right,  you’ve probably noticed that home-made scrubs, soaps and creams are on the rise lately.  There’s good reason behind it: You control the ingredients, the scents and the quality. Check out our other blog posts for some fantastic DIY body scrubs!