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Derma Roller | Facial Microneedling Tool 0.25mm | Rose Gold

Best Derma Roller.

★ Microabrasion works to restore your skin's natural glow. Experience our Derma Roller Skin Tightening effects, right from home.  Our roller is designed to be completely pain-free. 

★ Save on salon visits. Microabrasion treatments can get expensive. Save time and money with our micro needling kit. Keep your skin glowing on your own terms.

★ Microneedling abrasion has been used for years by clinics to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, resulting in improved skin health. Our at-home micro needling kit is the best choice for easy, affordable anti-aging treatments.


First, sanitize the microneedle roller with isopropyl alcohol and wash your face thoroughly with warm water. Gently roll over the desired area 4-8x vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. Lastly, apply your favorite skincare product and rinse/sanitize the roller before storing it.


1 Rose Gold Dermaroller delivered in sterilized packaging

1 Clear Storage Case


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

I got the dermaroller for my bday present and omg, let me tell you I use it on my face for the first time, and omg it felt so good you can feel the big difference after using it, can’t wait to do an update after weeks of using it, I highly,highly recommend this amazing and very glamorous product.


Amazing! I’ve never tried a Derma roller before this and wow the results are amazing! I love how easy it is to use and the roller so well made plus comes in cute colors like rose gold! If your looking to step up you at home skincare routine - this is a must!

Amazing Results

This derma roller is great quality and I have only used a for about a week but already see great results! I am recommending to eveyone to give it a try! The case it came in is very nice and easy to clean also.

Amazon Customer

I am loving my new derma roller. I am already feeling a difference in my skin. I’m pleased with the quality for the price. I’ve recommended to a few of my friends!

 This has replaced my need to get a facial. Great home skincare tool!

This is my new favorite tool. I used to be a facials freak & always need to book a facial when my skin started feeling rugged. I tried this out with a moisturizer & serum and the Derma Roller gave me NEW SKIN. So soft, so I can’t recc having this tool enough?? I really love this Derma Roller for home use technique.