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Acne Stop 3-Step System

Customer Reviews

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Paula Murphy
Finally a System That WORKS!

Post pubescent acne is no joke! Before finding Estala Skincare, I had struggled to find an acne system that actually worked for me. I had tried everything, PCA Skin, Proactive, Neutrogena, Clinique, you name it, but nothing really worked. That is until I tried Estala Skincare Acne-Stop. Not only did it actually work to clear up my existing breakouts, but it helps prevent future breakouts. If you've suffered from acne, you know that acne treatments have a very strong odor... NOT this one though! I love that it actually has a nice smell to it. I especially love the smell of the AM/PM Copper Cream. If you've tried other systems and they haven't worked, or you feel like you could be getting better results, TRY the Estala Skincare Acne-Stop System! I personally don't see myself using anything else.

The best!!

I recently started using the Acne Stop system, along with the revitalizing eye cream and mask from Estala, and it has been an absolute GAME CHANGER! I don't know if anyone else is hardcore struggling with more acne/breakouts due to extensive mask wearing from covid, but these products really work wonders for my sensitive combination skin. Most products really irritate my skin, but these have been so soothing and don't contain any overwhelming scents. Love these products and can't recommend enough! <3

Sydney Wiles
Really loving this

Acne-Stop Facial Mask

This is keeping me from any breakouts!

Life has been pushing me into more days of make-up wearing (I am not a fan ??) and it would be taking a SERIOUS toll on my face, if I wasn't caring for my skin properly. I mean, most days I'm looking low-key Heath-Ledger-Joker when I try to remove my lipstick at the end of the day ??
Cleansing, moisturizing, and this bad boy from @estalaskincare keeping me from any breakouts ?? Pretty amazing, since I've had acne for 18 years. .
It's the little things

Mary R
I have suffered from Acne my entire life. I cannot touch my face after moisturizing my hands and ...

I have suffered from Acne my entire life. I cannot touch my face after moisturizing my hands and body. Even after washing my hands, the lotion residual still resulted in acne.

My pores are like large sponges. They seem to attract the dirt, pollution, sweat, free radicals all day.
I have tried many Cleansers to stop my acne but nothing worked.
Until I found Estalas Acne Cleanser. It makes my face feel fresh and truly clean. Added bonus, its a nighttime lotion. I apply before bedtime. Best cleanser ever for me.