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How To Get Rid of Acne And Prevent Breakouts

Let’s face it, we all struggle with acne at some point.  For some of us, it’s constant. For others, occasional.  

Pimples seem to have this nasty habit of appearing at exactly the wrong time and just the worst part of our faces.  Maybe it’s right before our long awaited vacation, or wedding, or girls night out. Whatever it may be, you’ll be stressed out if you’re lacking an effective way to fix things in time. Lathering on extra foundation will only make things worse, and should be avoided. 

The solution is an Acne spot treatment.  Let’s get into some of the best ingredients that make these products work. 

  • Benzoyl peroxide. This ingredient kills the bacterias that cause acne, helps remove excess oil from the skin and removes dead skin cells, which can clog pores. This is a miracle ingredient, but be careful not to over use products with it as that can dry out the skin. 
  • Salicylic acid. This helps prevent pores from becoming plugged. It does a great job, but again don’t over use it as that may cause mild skin irritation.
  • Niacinamide. It clears acne by anti-inflammatory action, reducing excess Sebum and helps to diminish discoloration and scarring while moisturizing and hydrating the skin.
  • Biotin. This helps manage dry skin by assisting in proper and equal distribution of fats.  It also helps to reduce discoloration as well as restore and preserve moisture.
  • Lipoic Acid. This one has great Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.  It is easily absorbed and works well as a free-radical fighter in the cell plasma membrane and in watery interiors of cells. This shrinks pore size and helps reduce both swelling and puffiness.

You might be thinking “well that’s a lot of different ingredients to try and find in various products”.  And you’d be right. That’s why we’ve created the Estala Acne Stop Gentle Gel.  It combines all of the above ingredients into a simple and effective formula.  You can use it up to twice daily on problem spots.