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Why LED Nail Dryer is the Best Way to Dry Nails

Drying your nails can be a frustrating process especially when all your hard work in decorating your nail art get wasted because it is not cured properly. That is why a good quality nail lamp is recommended and is the most efficient way to dry nails. No more unexpected accidents that can lead your creative nail art spoiled or smeared while waiting for your nails to dry naturally. To prevent these accidents and to put ease into your polish application, using a LED Nail lamp is very useful. Below are some benefits of using an LED Nail Dryer.


Time Efficient

Using a LED nail dryer dries faster obviously than regular air drying and compare to fan nail dryer. We don't want to waste all the time in the world just waiting for your nails to dry when we have the option to get it done for around 30-45 seconds right? If you're a girl who's always on the go but still wants to look great within a snap, a LED nail dryer is best for you!

Our UV LED Nail Dryer gives you the freedom to CHOOSE YOUR DRYING TIME. Simply select your required drying time and place your hand inside. Our Smart Nail Lamp has an auto-sensor to turn the lamp on/off without pressing any keys & large LCD screen to show curing time.


Finer Finish

We need a bit of science to explain why it gives you a finer finish. LED technology targets photoinitiators in the polish to make it cure faster and when the light touches the compounds from the polish it activates it, making the polish to cure into a hard plastic. This is important if you are applying multiple layers of polish to make it appear neat and with a professional finish.

Thus not all type of LED dryer seems to work with all types of nail polish. But worry not cause our luxury nail lamps can cure Basic Polish to Gel Nails and Acrylic to Shellac Polish. Plus the LED beads are evenly distributed inside, to uniformly cure your nails to give a finer professional finish.


Avoid Accidents

Since you don't need to wait for too long for your nails to dry and doing other things while waiting, you don't need to worry about smudge or smears on your gorgeous nails. You just tap and go and after less than 1-minute, you're assured that your nails are properly dried and you can do all other things without worrying to accidentally smear your nails and having to do it all over again.

With our smart 48W UV LED Nail lamp, you don't need to wait for your base coat to dry as our double power button delivers cure speeds up to twice as fast as other standard UV LED Nail Lamps.  


Budget Friendly

Say goodbye to spending loads of cash wanting to achieve that perfect salon nails. You can do it at home with a LED Nail Dryer. Fewer gas expenses too and no unnecessary shopping while on the way to the salon. Why have all these expenses when you can achieve the same quality at the comfort of your own home. It is far the best benefits of having a nail dryer at home.


LED Nail Dryers is super efficient nowadays especially to us lady bosses that are always on the run. Seriously, waiting for polish to dry naturally can be a waste of time when we have loads of important things to do. If you are now thinking of getting one for yourself, add our 48w UV LED Nail Dryer on your options.