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Makeup Brushes 101 - Different Types And Their Uses

The secret in achieving a flawless makeup application is having the right tools and knowing what they are for. Knowing what are your makeup brushes for is your ticket to having a completely flawless looking makeup. Professional Makeup brushes come in different shapes, sizes, and purpose. Today we prepare a short but informative read about the types of makeup brushes to help you out in achieving that perfect look using your makeup brushes.

Foundation Brush

You might not be using the other types of brushes, but a foundation brush is always a must-have. Its main function is to facilitate a smooth application of either your cream or liquid foundation which is the base of your makeup application. A top quality foundation brush will help for a streak-free application and will blend your foundation evenly and smoothly without the cakey look.

Concealer Brush

A concealer brush is what you use to hide those small spots or blemishes on your face. This brush helps to even out the concealer on the face to make it look more natural. For a perfect spot correction, use a concealer brush by patting it onto the skin and not by moving it around trying to blend it out. Just a simple pat could conceal the area. A concealer brush can also be helpful in cleaning up messy lipstick or brow edges.

Round Concealer

A round concealer brush is what we use for buffing and smoothing concealers we put to under-eye circles and make it easy to blend around the contours of the face. The skin around the eyes are far more delicate than the rest of the face, so we recommend putting a hydrating eye cream before concealing your dark circles. Check out ourRevitalizing Eye Cream for your eye cream options.

Coverage Concealer Brush

This type of brush is designed to provide full coverage as needed when applying concealers. It is very helpful in trying to conceal scars, blemishes and other dark spots. Its tapered shape allows a precise application to small areas of our face building enough coverage to conceal imperfections easily.

Angle Brush

The Angle Brush is basically used for contouring and blending. Its angled shape allows a more precise shading and the slanted bristles give a more controlled contouring, especially on your cheekbones.

Eyeshadow Brush

An eyeshadow brush gives a more precise eyeshadow application onto your eyelid. Whether a cream or powder eyeshadow, a good brush will help you in getting the exact amount and apply it evenly onto the eyelid with a minimal fallout.

Flat Brow Brush

Everybody wants that perfect eyebrow right? This flat brow brush can make it possible! Use it to apply brow powder or brow gel and its flat and even tip will give you a defined and precise looking eyebrows.

Smudge Brush

A Smudge brush is used in the areas around the eyes. This curved brush is perfect for extreme concentration when blending colors, smudging lines, contouring and is perfect for enhancing definition around the eyes. Use it to smudge an area to create a smoky eye or to soften the eyeliner along the entire lash line for a sultry look.

Brow Comb and Eyelash Brush

Use this to tame your eyelash and brows when you’ve filled them in with too much make up. Use the brow comb to separate lashes or removing extra mascara, and the eyelash brush to brush out unruly brows.

Lip Brush

You can apply a lipstick directly into your lips but if you want to achieve a precise and perfectly lined up lips, you should use a lip brush. Use it to perfectly apply a lipstick or a lip liner on to the lips. It actually helps in blending the two. Lip brushes are made to apply lipstick with optimum control and better precision resulting in a budge-proof application.

Powder Brush

The main use of a Powder Brush is for putting loose or pressed powder into your face without smudging your foundation or other products you applied on your face. Its long and fluffy bristles evenly diffuse the powder throughout your face and it can also be used in applying a blush.  

Flat Kabuki Brush

A Flat Kabuki Brush is best when applying bronzers and mineral powder foundation. This big brush is totally helpful for an even distribution of the powder across your face or even on your body. Its unique design helps a lot in blending powdered makeup evenly on the skin that results to a natural looking coverage.

Important note. Knowing what your brushes are used for isn’t enough if you don’t clean them regularly. HIDING IN THE BRISTLES OF YOUR BRUSHES ARE LEFTOVER MAKEUP, HARMFUL IRRITANTS & ACNE-CAUSING BACTERIA that can hinder a healthy and beautiful skin. So it is very important that you keep them clean too! Check out our Luxury Makeup Brush Cleaner to help you out with the process of brush cleaning. Our electric brush cleaner cleans your makeup brush set with a THOROUGHNESS and helps in REMOVING BUILDUP FROM BRUSH TIP TO BASE—WITH NO BREAKAGE. It’s LIKE HAVING A BRAND NEW SET!

As always, we hope this article has been a big help in your beauty and skin care journey.  We at Estala longs to give useful and helpful information to you lovely ladies so you always look good & feel good, no matter what.

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