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Vanity Makeup Lighting Tips For The Perfect Routine

Having the correct makeup lighting is extremely beneficial when you are applying makeup and trying to achieve even, natural coverage. To make sure that your makeup is flawless, check out these pro tips and up your game. 

Natural Light Is King

Nothing beats natural lighting for giving you the ideal view of your skin and face. Natural daylight is clear and diffused.  It illuminates your entire face to help you see if your makeup is properly blended for precise application. But, it is not always possible to have natural daylight, especially at night and indoors. Your best solution is a vanity mirror with light that mimics sunshine. Ourluxury makeup mirroremits softly diffused LED light that gets the job done like no other.

The Right Bulbs Make A Difference

Bulb hues have a lot of influence on the way you apply your makeup. LED bulbs have a much better color-rendering effect.  They mimic the light similar to natural daylight, so it is by far the best for makeup application. A warm white light bulb is often best to use as it provides even illumination. Thus, rose, yellow and fluorescent lights are not very effective.  Yellow can make you look dull, rose lighting can be too warm and fluorescent can be too harsh and bright. This can focus overly on your blemishes and spots that can look unflattering. OurHolywood Vanity Mirror has bright LED light bulbs that are fully adjustable, not only for brightness but also for warmth – choose between Pure White and warmer Yellow to achieve ideal natural lighting.

Lights Should Be At Face Level

Having the lights positioned at proper face level is perfect and will give you the right illumination. When lights are above or below the face, they can cast shadows that can make it hard for you to put your makeup on, resulting in either putting too much or too little. Minimizing shadows will ensure that you're putting your makeup in the right places with the right amount. Lastly, do not have the lights solely on the top of the head, because shadows created under the chin and eye socket can be biased in proper makeup application. Our large, professional tabletop mirror is adjustable with a 360° tilting capacity.

Use More Than One Light

Using more than one light, especially by having them on each side of the face will give you the cross illumination effect.  This makes sure that your entire face is lit up and every part is easy to see at a glance. Make sure that the Vanity Mirror you are using has lights on both sides and that the bulbs are evenly spaced. It is also better to have lights that provide under-chin and overhead lighting, so that all bases are covered.  Our mirror lets you select your ideal brightness level using smart touch technology, for perfect lighting and maximum visibility during your makeup routine. 

 Vanity Makeup Lighting Tips For The Perfect Routine