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Top 5 Ways To Make Your Bath More Relaxing

Do you want to turn your bath time even more relaxing? Would you like to turn your bathtub into a personal oasis of me-time? If so, keep reading.  Today we are going to list out the Top 5 Ways To Make Your Bath More Relaxing. You’ll be left feeling pampered, decompressed and ready to conquer whatever life sends your way. 

Scented Candles

A relaxing scented candle is going to give you that perfect spa feel, as well as set the mood for your entire at home bath experience.  Pick a scent that you like and light it up. Our personal recommendation would be Eucalyptus & Mint.  

Organic Bath Bombs

Few bathroom accessories will provide more joy than a good bath bomb.  Soak and relax with some bubbles and your favorite colors. We definitely recommend that you stick with organic bath bombs, as cheap knockoffs can contain irritants that may also stain your tub. 

Spa Bath Pillow

Baths are already one of the most calming, comforting things you can do, but add a spa pillow to your tub, and you'll feel even cozier in the process. Having good and comfortable support for your back and neck will help you to enjoy a longer, more meaningful bath. 

Voice Activated Speaker

Having a good sound system that you can control with your voice will make a big difference.  With something like the Amazon Echo Dot smart home speaker, you can control everything from music to audiobooks right from your tub, without fear of damaging the device. This will allow you to relax in peace. 

Bamboo Bathtub Caddy

When you enjoy your bath, you need a place to hold your books, tablet, wine or anything else. A high quality Bathroom Caddy Tray is the perfect solution.  The bamboo is strong, naturally water resistant and will help add a healthy dose of luxury to your bath.The Estala Bathtub Caddy is one of the highest quality on the market.  In addition to the benefits mentioned above, it is also extendable to fit nearly any tub size. Ours also features a non-slip bottom and a free bamboo soap dish to match. 

bamboo bath caddy

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Now that you know the top 5 ways to make your own bath feel like a spa day, we hope you try some of these out and get to experience that level of calm and relaxation that you deserve.