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Top 5 Gifts Dorm Room Gifts For College Students

The fall semester is about to begin for most college students in mid-late August.  Heading to college for the first time, or back for the fall can be stressful for most girls. 

These gifts can help them to enjoy their time and make the most of their experience this semester. 

  1. Memory Foam Pillow. Beds in college are notoriously uncomfortable. While a mattress pad does help, having a nice memory foam pillow improves those little hours of sleep they do get.
  2. Mesh Shower Storage Caddy.  In college, most spaces are shared and the shower is no different. We highly recommend getting a mesh shower caddy, because the mesh releases the water better compared to plastic. This will help them to take their items in and out of the shower easily while staying organized. 
  3. UV LED Nail Lamp. College is usually busy, with students often tight on time.  This doesn’t always leave time for things like salon visits. Nothing bothers a girl more than having messed up nails.  With a UV Nail Dryer, she can paint her nails in a few minutes and dry them professionally, without all that waiting and streaking.  Give her theEstala LED Nail Dryer

4. Keurig or other pod coffee maker. If the future/current college student you are gifting is a coffee lover, they need a Keurig. Not only do they make killer coffee, they also are perfect for heating up ramen and mac n' cheese (ya know, dorm essentials). 

5. Makeup Vanity Mirror. This is such a good dorm gift for girls. Lighting in dorm rooms can be pretty terrible and it makes it really hard to put makeup on. This mirror is the best because they can move it around the room and it makes the makeup applying process way easier. This is also nice for if the college student has to get up early while the other roommate is sleeping. It gives just the right amount of light that they can get ready without disturbing roommates. Estala LED Vanity Mirror.