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The Number One Accessory To Upgrade Your Makeup Routine

We all have our own makeup routine.  For some, it’s as simple as putting on a little bit of foundation and some SPF.  For others, it may be mascara, anti-aging serums and face-masks. Whatever your routine is now, there will always be some room for improvement.  So, what is the one accessory that’s really going to have the biggest impact on the quality of your routine?

Well let us tell you.  

Hollywood LED Vanity Mirror

vanity mirror with lights black

What makes a beauty routine go smoothly is a combination of tools, products, lighting and a great mirror.  If you’ve got your tools and products sorted out, then a large mirror with LED bulbs is the logical next step to really up your self-care game. 

With theEstala LED Vanity Mirror, you can choose between brighter white LED light, or warmer natural yellow light.  

This vanity tabletop mirror is also adjustable both forwards and backwards, so you can find that perfect angle of ideal lighting and focus. 

It also features a built-in digital clock, so you’ll never worry about being late again. Because let’s face it ladies, getting ready can take longer than we think, and that’s okay. 

Upgrade your bedroom or parlor room today with the Estala LED Vanity Mirror.

Your beauty routine will never be the same again. 

“I bought this mirror because the natural light in my bedroom is really poor and the lighting in my room isn’t sufficient at night. I had to move lamps around to do my make up. Really annoying. The mirror is perfect, arrived quick. A good size but not heavy and easy to re-locate. Love it!”- Sarah

“This mirror has perfect lighting; it improved every aspect of my makeup application because I could finally see everything! It is super easy to put together and the quality is really good. One of my favorite features is the digital clock on the mirror. It helps keep me on time in the morning while I'm getting ready, I absolutely love this about the mirror. Very functional and the size is perfect for my makeup desk. Its not too big or too small. I am extremely happy with this product, I love it so much!”- Julie B.

makeup mirror with lights white


hollywood vanity mirror LED