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The Essentials For A Perfect Bath

Every so often, it’s important to maximize your personal relaxation with a hot bath. Bathing has been used therapeutically for thousands of years.  

You can take things to the next level with these bath essentials:

Relaxing Scents:  Adding a pleasant aroma to your bath can change the whole experience.  Consider essential oils in a diffuser or simply your favorite scented candle. 

Bath Bombs. A bath bomb adds color to your bath.  This can take your routine from boring to exciting in no time.  Ensure that you stick with high quality, organic bath bombs as cheap ones can stain your tub. 

Book or Magazine. Yes, we live in a technology dominated age.  Turn back time with a good book or magazine to read while you soak. 

Correct Temperature.  When we think of a bath, what most often comes to mind is piping hot water.  While it can be appealing, try for warm instead of boiling. A bath that’s too hot can be uncomfortable at first, but can also cause dizziness. 

Roses Petals. In addition to giving your bath a spa feel and making it gorgeous,the natural oils found in roses can help retain moisture in the skin. This results in your skin feeling smooth and soft. The rose scent has been found to help with anxiety and nervous tension, which is perfect to use for your decompressing bath. 

Bath Caddy.  It’s hard to enjoy the perfect bath if you’re worried about getting your book, tablet or phone wet.  Not to mention that you may want a place to put a glass of your favorite wine. TheEstala Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray is the perfect solution.  It’s adjustable to fit nearly any tub size.  The gorgeous bamboo will add class and elegance to your bath.