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The ABCs of Damaged Skin Barrier Restoration

There are probably only a handful of things that put your skin’s barrier – also known as epidermal barrier – through the wringer than bad weather. Given that the skin is the first point of contact with the environment, the skin barrier is the first line of defense against all forms of external factors. Think of all the irritants, aggressive, and corrosive agents in the form of fluids and solids that come into contact with your skin. 

A 2016 panel roundtable meeting of dermatology experts from a number of esteemed institutions including Icahn School of Medicine, Mount Sinai and Cornell University sought to shed more light to the epidermal barrier in both healthy and compromised skin. One of the key pointers noted in the proceedings was that skin sensitivity is significantly altered once the epidermal barrier is breached and irritants can pass through

By now, you are probably wondering how you can tell that your skin barrier is damaged and whether there is recourse to restore its healthy functioning. Without further ado, let’s get right to it.

How Can I Tell That My Skin Barrier Is Damaged?

Spotting signs ofdamaged skin barrier is quite straightforward in most cases. If you are constantly noticing a sense of inflammation or an appearance of redness on your skin, there is high possibility that the skin barrier has been weakened. Other signs include feelings of constant itchiness and flakiness appearance on the skin. 

Do you get a burning sensation whenever you use skincare products? If yes, it’s possible that the barrier has been compromised. Speaking of skincare products, using harsh products or over-doing routines such as exfoliating are some of the biggest contributors to damaging skin barrier. It is therefore in your best interest to err on the side of caution when applying skincare products and routines. This brings us to the next part: how torepair damaged skin barrier.

Restoring A Healthy Skin Barrier

In Skincare, Less Is More

Just like many things in life, there is beauty in simplicity. The more complicated a skincare routine is, the higher the likelihood of introducing harsh agents that weaken your skin barrier. If you are not sure where to begin, Estala Skincare products are a great place to start. Give your skin some TLC withEstala Skin Restore Kit that is not only mild but also contains potent skin restorative properties. 

Proceed with Caution When Scrubbing

We get the appeal of exfoliating; however, it is not recommended for an already  damaged skin barrier. If you already have a healthy skin, we advise maintaining exfoliation as a once-in-a-while routine. Otherwise, you best use less harsh routines; for instance, incorporating a gentle cleanser such asEstala Revitalizing Toning Cleanser to keep your skin looking youthful whilst relieving irritation. 

Always, make an effort to learn about all the ingredients used in a skincare product before using it on yourself. Also, find out whether said product resonates well with your skin tone and type to save yourself a world of trouble.