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Warm weather brings a whole slew of skin-care challenges and questions like, "Do I really have to moisturize even if it's 100 degrees out and my face feels oily?” (Spoiler alert: Yes.)

Check out these 7 important steps you should keep in mind as the weather gets warmer.

“It’s never too late to make dreams come true. My accident made me who and what I am today – I love life and people. In a way, you can say that my accident saved my life because I wouldn’t be here today, telling my story as a successful entrepreneur and business owner, who suffered a tumultuous past filled with abuse, trials, and tribulations. ”

Aging is an unavoidable fact of life. However, looking your age, is not. While the outer layers of the skin, the epidermal and dermal layers, provide some protection against environmental aggressors, over time, the skin’s resilience and overall condition can become compromised by the natural aging process and unfiltered ultraviolet radiation.

“Earth Day” is a beautiful opportunity to pay gratitude to the beautiful planet we all share. If we adopt good practices and changes in behavior towards the revered earth, we could make our planet a beautiful place to live in – and for generations to come. At Estala Skincare, we love our planet! That is why all of our products are always cruelty free.