Summer Acne - Why We Get It And How To Stop It

Summer Acne - Why We Get It And How To Stop It

Summer is officially here.  With that, summer acne is also here for many of us.  You may be wondering, why does my skin breakout in the summer?  Good question. Summer is one of the most annoying times to have skin issues, as you’ll likely want to spend your days out and about with friends and family. 

So why does acne often get worse (or appear randomly) during summer?  

The short answer is: With hot, muggy weather, we sweat to cool off.  Irritants like dirt, dust and oil stick to the sweat and can cause clogged pores. Because the bacteria that causes acne loves a super oily environment, like sweaty skin, the oil on our skin coupled with bacteria create the perfect recipe for a pimple. 

As if the heat alone wasn’t enough to cause breakouts over the summer, if you’re loading up on sugary foods and drinks, like soda, margaritas and ice cream, you could be instigating pimples and not even realize it. Sugary, high-glycemic foods are pro-inflammatory, which will lead to more oil production.

How To Treat Summer Acne For Oily Skin:

If you’re experiencing summer breakouts, you’re going to want to take the right approach to treating your acne during the warmer months. 

  1. Use an Acne Stop Facial Mask.  This leaves skin feeling fresh, hydrated, and smooth. The secret ingredient to this acne-fighting product is bentonite, a healing clay mineral. Bentonite helps to absorb oil, draw out toxins, and unclog and shrink pores instantly, helping to prevent stubborn acne breakouts. Benzoyl peroxide kills acne-causing bacteria to get rid of breakouts and prevent more from starting. Because of the oil-absorbing properties of this anti-acne face mask, we recommend this product for people with oily skin.
  2. Start using an Acne Stop Cream.  This will remove excess oil, get rid of stubborn acne, and prevent future breakouts. It reduces inflammation and redness and absorbs excess oil, making it the Best Acne Cream on the market. 
  3. Apply a  PM Cream. Packed with Acne Fighting ingredients, this nighttime acne cream is perfect for fighting blemishes while you sleep. This Acne Treatment Product helps to kill the bacteria that causes acne while also promoting cell turnover as part of the Acne Scar Treatment, giving your skin a fresh canvas. It reduces pigmentation for a more even skin tone and helps to get rid of dark spots caused by acne so you can achieve clear skin.

These three products are currently available in a bundle, giving you a discounted price with all the benefits. Conquer your summer acne for good, so you can enjoy the season with clear, blemish free skin. 

Summer Acne scar repair facial mask cream


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