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Strengthen Your Glow With These Anti-Aging Tips

Truth be told, we all want to look younger.  Feeling more youthful can inspire confidence, make us feel good and convey to others that we take care of ourselves.  There are many anti-aging tips, products and methods out there. 

We’re going to share our favorite ones with you: 

Wash Your Face. Think you can skip the shower after the gym? Think again. Washing your face post-workout can help keep dead skin and other grime from settling into your pores, making them look larger, a sure sign of aging.  Try to wash your face twice daily, especially after sweating heavily while working or exercising.

Get Moving. Exercising is just as good for your skin as it is for your body.  One reason is that it releases a compound called IL 15, which prevents cell death. A skin study by McMaster University in Canada revealed that participants who took part in just two cycling sessions a week, for three months showed changes that reportedly made their skin look up to decades younger. Amazing. So ladies, that exercise class may do more than just keep you in shape. 

Always Remove Makeup.  Never go to bed with an uncleansed face. Doing so causes aging as you will clog and stretch your pores, which will eventually lead to collagen breakdown.  Use a good cleanser, like theEstala Toner Cleanser

Sleep Enough Those late nights you pulled in college are doing no favors to your skin. In fact, they could be the reason you’re looking a little worse for wear. Sleep is one of the most important physiological processes.  While we are sleeping, our bodies are repairing, detoxifying and our hormones are being balanced. The lining of the GI tract is turning over to ensure your body can absorb all the nutrients you are eating to keep your skin healthy and happy. Adequate sleep improves circulation around the eyes decreasing puffiness and dryness.

Think Twice About Artificial Tanning. That golden glow isn’t worth it in the long run. If you’re trying to turn back the hands of time, tanning is a serious no-no.  Our skin ages prematurely each time a person “gets a tan”. If you can’t brave the beach in your current pale state, opt for a sunless tanner instead.

Use An Anti-Aging Regimen.  This sounds pretty basic, but you need to find one that works for YOU.  We are all different, however it’s our firm belief that ourAnti-Aging Regimen offers the best bang for your buck.