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Skincare Trends of 2021


At the end of 2020, Pinterest released its annual Pinterest Predicts report for 2021. Its top beauty prediction? A shift towards skinimalism. In short, this means we’ll be seeing more people embrace their skin’s natural texture and adopting minimalistic skincare routines. Whether you’re embracing less makeup, and showcasing your natural skin instead, or perhaps just using smarter products that minimize the number of steps in your regimen, this trend takes us in the right direction.

How can you embrace skinimalism? By upping up your skincare routine and wearing less makeup - our goal at Estala is to make you feel comfortable and look your best no matter what.

Try out our Anti-Aging Morning Routine: 

★ Toning Cleanser removes dirt and makeup, leaving your skin soft and supple.

★ Our Cell Repair Serum helps to replenish skin and retain moisture, giving you a youthful glow and younger looking skin.

★ Revitalizing Eye Cream helps to reduce the puffiness and redness of under-eye bags. 

★ Reduce fine lines and prevent wrinkles with our powerful CoQ10 wrinkle defense cream that works as an antioxidant. 


Sustainable is the New Clean

For so long, beauty brands have employed the use of single-use plastic packaging. Understanding how harmful this is for the environment, we’ve seen a significant number of brands move towards using packaging made from eco-friendly recyclable materials. With everyone feeling a sense of individual responsibility for their surroundings, even skincare companies have to answer for their footprint. We expect that brands will continue to find innovative ways to make themselves more eco-conscious as 2021 continues.

Cut back on the waste of traditional makeup remover pads with our organic, Eco-Friendly option. These pads are zero-waste and machine washable with the provided laundry bag. Our makeup remover pads are also packaged in recyclable packaging making the ultimate eco friendly option.

De-stressing Skincare 

Everyone’s stress levels hit an all-time high in 2020 due to the pandemic, and we’re still feeling the effects now. If you’re like us, taking a moment to do your skincare routine is one self-care ritual that has helped you decompress during this unprecedented time. That’s why we foresee skincare brands that utilize destressing ingredients and center around relaxation taking center stage this year. 

Relaxation Bundle:

★ Experience a luxurious bath with our wooden bathtub tray made from 100% eco-friendly & durable waterproof bamboo. Combined with our scrub brush & bath salts, there is no better way to relax. 

★ Our Bath Mineral Salts take your relaxation to the next level. Our formula absorbs quickly, infuses skin with revitalizing Dead Sea minerals leaves your body feeling smooth and glowing.  The perfect blend of tranquil lavender and creamy vanilla sourced from botanical essential oils.