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Self-Care with Estala by Gigi Gumrika

This blog was originally posted by Gigi Gumrika 

Hi babes!! Today I want to touch base on Self-care because I think its extremely important to take some time to yourself and take care of your skin. Obviously, there are a bunch of ways one can self care but one Id like to talk about is your skin. I love taking care of my skin especially because I have sensitive skin I love taking extra time to just wash my face and make sure I’m using the right products.

One of Estala’s products I love is the reusable makeup remover pads. This is absolutely my favorite because it makes taking makeup off so much easier. Its super soft and there is 18 of them in the box. you get 4 scrubs and 14 soft. I love that it comes with a little bag that you can toss in the laundry and wash them so they’re completely reusable. It feels so amazing on the face, with a bit of toner, cleanser, and exfoliator your face will be makeup free and feeling super fresh and clean. After I wash my face with them I use Estala’s Derma Roller. A lot of people think its a painful or might cause discomfort when rolling onto the skin because of the tiny little needles but you honestly don’t feel a thing. I love using this because it helps heal any scars on the face and helping your skin glow! It’s definitely something I recommend to try out for your skin.

I just love Estalas products! I’ve been using her products for over a year now and love every single one of them. From the packaging to the quality of the products. It’s all incredible and I recommend you guys to try it out!

Hope you all enjoyed this blog!!

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