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Self Care with Estala by Gigi Gumrika

Happy October lovelies! We are only a few months away from rolling into 2020! Damn, this year felt like it just zoomed on by. Every year when it gets closer to the end of the year I love taking extra time off for me to realign myself. It’s so important to make sure you take good care of your body, mind, and soul every day.  I know with life being so busy a lot of times people leave self-care last on their agendas and I want to talk to you guys about why it should be a top priority and some ways you guys can self-care. 

We all know stress sneaks up on us without warning and it’s tough getting past feeling stressed because it can lead to other numerous issues. Thats why me-time is crucial to help you reduce stress, reduce anxiety, produce positive feelings, boost your confidence and self-esteem. There’s so many ways you can self-care and I wanted to share some ways I self-care.

So, I love going and getting my nails done its definitely a way for me to escape the world a bit and just sit down and enjoy getting my nails done. But, I also love staying at home and taking a bit extra time to do my nails myself. With @Estalaskincare LED Nail Lamp I can set up my room with some candles, put on some relaxing music and do my nails myself. I just love that I can dress comfy relax in my own home and do my nails without having them smudge. The LED Nail Lamp dries your nails extremely fast and it’s super portable and easy to use. Definitely, a must when I’m self-caring at home! 

I also love applying masks and doing at-home facials. This is one of my favorite ways to self-care. But, it wasn’t till I started using @Estalaskincare Hollywood Vanity Mirror for my facials that I started loving doing facials at home more. Now, when doing facials and masks I get to see my face with a big mirror that has lights to show your skin clearly and its just so much easier doing facials with better lightning. You get to choose between pure white and warmer yellow vanity light to achieve ideal natural lighting. I have my mirror set on my desk with my facial products in a drawer right under so it goes perfect together.

Lastly, I love self-caring by going to the beach and taking a long warm bath ( but, who doesn’t..?? ) With @Estalaskincare Luxury Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray I can take long baths while watching my favorite shows, drinking some coffee, and snacking while bathing without getting any of my things wet! I also love taking this tray with me to the beach because I never have a place to put my phone/ iPad and drinks! Its a struggle not getting sand on my things so this tray has been the perfect solution for me! I can place my devices on the tray confidently knowing my things won’t touch the sand. I’m a total beach junkie and I literally go to the beach so much because the ocean and sand just instantly relax me. I’ve been using the beach as a self-care routine for years now and its an amazing way to escape the city and lay down and enjoy the warmth of the sun, sound of the waves and touch of the sand ( Btw, beach sand is an amazing exfoliator so take advantage !! ) Since there are times it may be too cold for the beach or I just can’t make the drive out that day I take a warm bath instead. Literally, I play calming music with sounds of waves and it instantly makes me feel as though I’m at the beach it’s incredible! loll! 

Anyways, theres so many ways and things you can use to self-care, this is just a few of the many ways I self-care. I hope you guys will take some time for yourself and do what makes you feel most relaxed and at ease. We all need it so don’t leave you-time last on your agenda. 

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