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Prep Your Skin For Valentines Day

That’s right, your fave holiday is just around the corner.  Here we’ll take a deep-dive into the ultimate beauty prep to help you look and feel your best all night. 


Brighten-Up With A Cleanser. Use a gentle cleanser in the shower to remove all remaining traces of lotions, serums, sunscreen, and anything else you’ve used on your skin throughout the day. Avoid using a deodorant soap bar on your skin. Ingredients can be harsh and drying for facial skin.  Check out ourToner Cleanser for best results. 

Seal In The Moisture.  Next it’s time to seal in the moisture in your skin. Start with your fave serum on just-damp skin. Serums tend to be thinner than moisturizers, so should be applied first.

Apply Your Makeup.  Now that your skin is naturally glowing, it’s time to apply any cosmetics you want.  Of course, we’re going to recommend red lipstick. 

Don’t Forget Nails.  You could be short on time, but painting your nails is a must.  To make things easier, check out ourUV LED Nail Lamp.  You’ll be able to dry your polish in just minutes.  Plus, it even works with gel.