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Must-Have Beauty Accessories

The truth is that your at home beauty products are absolutely key to looking and feeling your best, all the time. 

Besides actual cosmetics themselves, there are a few beauty essentials that you just can’t go without.  These will take your self-care game to the next level.

Vanity Mirror

The best place to start is with the base of every makeup or beauty routine and what you will mostly use, a mirror. Having a vanity mirror is not just essential, it makes a world of difference. Especially if its an illuminated mirror. No more makeup mishaps because of bad lighting. Once you are using one, you'll realize that getting yourself the highest quality  Illuminated Vanity Mirror is the best decision you've ever made in regards to your beauty routine. Check out our best sellingHollywood Vanity Mirror.


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Rotating Makeup Organizer

Most of us have a ton of different products strewn around the house.  From eyeliners, to cleansers and foundation. But how do you keep it all organized?  A rotating makeup organizer is the answer. Simply place it on your counter or desk and keep all your stuff in one place. 


Blotting Papers

When it’s warm out, many of us suffer from excess oil on our faces.  This can lead to breakouts and is generally uncomfortable. Blotting papers are the easiest way to quickly remove excess oil from your face, even if you’re in a hurry our out and about.


Quality Hair Dryer

You’ve probably had a bad blow dryer at some point that you hated.  Drying your hair quickly can be a major time saver. Investing in a quality blow dryer just makes sense. 

UV Nail Lamp

Every girl enjoys painting their nails.  Dripping polish that takes forever to dry can put you off doing it.  For best results at home, try theEstala UV LED Nail Dryer. 


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