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These Ingredients Will Transform Your Bath Time

Bathing is what you need in your life.  Just add bubbles, candles, a glass of wine, and you’re instantly calm. But bath-time benefits don’t stop there.  Studies have shown that bathing can help promote better circulation and relax our muscles so that we sleep better and recover more quickly from workouts. It can also encourage mindfulness, and even help break up congestion from common colds and allergies.

There are a few key “ingredients” that can drastically improve the quality of your bath:

Rose Petals

This one is the easiest, but transforms your bath into a spa.  Rose oil can aid in your relaxation and the petals give your soak that special feeling. 


This gooey substance has been used for more than 10,000 years as a topical healing agent all across the world. “It’s an antibacterial substance that helps prevent infection and heal minor skin abrasions.  It’s also full of polyphenols—natural antioxidants that help boost the immune system and defend against signs of aging. Okay, we’re listening.

How to use it: Add 2 Tbsps of raw honey to a running bath, soak for 15 minutes, and then add baking soda for your final 15 minutes.  This helps rid your body of dead skin cells without causing any irritation, 


Just a sniff of this heavenly flowering plant and you already feel more relaxed and refreshed. Lavender is probably the first thing you think of when you imagine a relaxing bath, and that’s all owed to its ability to calm, soothe, and relieve stress.  In ancient times, it was used to treat acne, itching, and irritation, since it works to purify and detoxify skin.

How to use it: “Use around six to eight drops of pure lavender essential oil under running water,” says Schlekewey. “Or, add the drops to a capful of milk or Epsom salts before pouring into the water to help disperse the oil more efficiently.

Epsom Salt 

This bath-time ingredient is not actually a salt at all—it’s a naturally occurring mineral compound made up of magnesium and sulfate.  When dissolved in warm water and absorbed into the skin, Epsom helps to replenish magnesium levels in the body, which often get depleted when we’re feeling stressed.  Shoveling in some Epsom into your bath at the end of the day can also ease pain and inflammation and help relieve sore muscles.

How to use it: Add 1 to 2 cups of Epsom salt to warm water for about five minutes before you hop in and soak. And make sure you’re in there for at least 12 minutes to reap all of the healing benefits, says Schlekewey, who recommends using it up to three times a week and adding ½ cup olive oil or coconut oil for extra moisture.

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