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How To Treat Acne the Right Way

Acne breakout is a common skin problem most people experience in their teen and young adult years. Treating acne the right way starts in understanding what it is, what causes it and knowing how to avoid it so you actually have an idea of how to treat acne. You can read our blog7 SURPRISING CAUSES OF ACNE for a detailed discussion about how acne breakouts are triggered. But for this blog, we will discuss how to treat acne the right way.

Acne usually appears on the skin either as blackheads, whiteheads, or pimples. Some known factors that contribute to acne breakouts are hormones, drugs, cosmetics, and surroundings. Serious acne cases might need a professional help and should consult a physician for treatment options. But there are also simple ways you can actually treat acne.

Here we share some quick and easy steps you can start incorporating into your daily skin care routine so you can start treating your acne. Read on.

1. Keep your Face Clean. 

This is a basic step if you want to have acne free skin. It is very important to wash your face at least twice a day to remove dirt and other impurities from your skin. Use a mild facial cleanser and avoid harsh soap that can possibly cause more irritation. And remember to use a fresh and clean towel when drying your face.

You can check ourAcne-stop Facial Cleanserwhich is a gentle face wash that removes dirt and makeup while fighting stubborn acne. It reduces excess oil and inflammation and has powerful ingredients that fight acne-causing bacteria and helps in skin exfoliation while leaving your face feeling clean and refreshed.

2. Use a Moisturizer 

If you're worried that applying a moisturizer can make your acne worse, the answer is NO. It can actually help by hydrating the skin surface helping with acne control and improve healing. Oil-based moisturizers are the best because they won't clog the pores.

We have formulated a special cream that can actually help in treating your acne. OurAcne-Stop GentleGel,  is a triple threat when it comes to fighting stubborn acne. It reduces discoloration and swelling, unclogs and shrink pores which can result in less excess oil and inflammation.

3. Be Mindful What You Use In Your Skin

We won't tell you to stop using makeup coz we know you won't! But we suggest that you use Noncomedogenic Cosmetic products. These products are specially formulated not to cause blocked pores and cause acne. So make it a habit to check the product label before buying your makeup.

And most importantly, you need to start maintaining clean cosmetic items. These items that you actually use directly into your skin plays a big role in your skin health. Especially your make up brushes! Hiding in the bristles of your brushes are leftover makeup, harmful irritants, and acne-causing bacteria, so it is very important to maintain clean makeup brushes if you want to have acne free skin. Wash them at least once a week to keep a clean makeup brushes.

Good thing we have ourLuxury Make Up Brush Cleaner that cleans your makeup brush set with a thoroughness not even expert hands can manage. It is a high speed, battery-powered brush cleaner that helps in removing build up from brush tip to base - with no breakage. It’s LIKE HAVING A BRAND NEW SET!

4. Watch What You Feed Your Skin

Fresh fruits and leafy vegetables with high antioxidants and nutrients can help in improving your skin. So start adding them into your diet. Experts would say that chocolates and greasy foods don't really trigger acne, but it still makes sense to avoid them as dairy products and foods with processed sugar may trigger acne. In addition, make sure to drink more water as it can actually improve your overall health, including your skin.

We have written another article that discusses how food plays an important role in maintaining a healthy skin. You can read our blogGOOD FOR THE BODY, GOOD FOR THE SKIN to understand that some of the foods and spices touted as being healthy for your body are the same ones that keep our skin looking young and healthy.

5. Stop Spot Squeezing

This is a big no-no if you want to treat your acne the right way. It may look like it's helpful since you're trying to remove them one by one, but the real thing is, you are actually putting your skin in more danger. By using your hands in squeezing them, you are putting more dirt and bacteria on your face and it can deepen the level of trauma onto your skin.

6. Try Acne Fighting Skin Care Products

There are a lot of acne products that are getting sold in the market. It is very difficult to find the one that suits your skin. But products with Benzoyl peroxide are the most recommended products when treating acne as it fights acne-causing bacteria, and Salicylic acid which helps in exfoliating your skin.

We at Estala Skin Care has formulated a totalAcne Regimen that will cure current breakouts, prevent future breakouts, and repair damage caused by acne. We have two separate acne collections for normal and oily skin in order to give you the best acne products for your face.

We hope that what we share here can help you in understanding how to treat acne and preventing more acne breakouts. Remember that a healthy and acne free skin starts with a proper skin regimen so we hope you apply these tips in your daily routine.