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How To Make Your Home An Oasis

With the busy schedule of daily life as a woman, most ladies spend more time in their offices or on the road than they do in their homes. The workload of daily life can be so stressful, we need a personal sanctuary that cuts out stress.  Your home should be just that. 

Home should improve your quality of life, not leave you exhausted.  There are some easy ways to do this. You deserve a home that makes you feel as good as you deserve.  Here we will list the top 10 ways to do this. 

  1. Flowers & Houseplants. Flowers and indoor plants are very soothing.  They do this with their aromas, as well as their visuals.  The most important benefit is that they are plants, and thus they oxygenate and clean the air.  You not only add a touch of green to your space, you also freshen it in a natural way. 
  2. Positive Feeling Decor.  Fill your home with items that remind you of good memories. Photos are great, but also consider things you’ve acquired on trips, or items that mean something to you.  This way, as you move through the space you will be filled with positive energy. 
  3. Bed Sheets.  You should invest in bed sheets with a high thread count.  They do not need to be expensive. The higher the thread count, the softer the sheet.  It is easy to see that the majority of time we spend at home, is actually spent in our beds sleeping.  With that, your bed needs to be as relaxing and comforting as possible. 
  4. Mini living room.  If you have extra space in your bedroom, you should consider creating a sitting area with an oversized chair or couch where you can read and watch TV. Place a good lamp nearby so you can read at night.  
  5. White Candles.  White candles have this magical effect of calm and relaxation. They are more relaxing than fragrant ones, which can sometimes be overwhelming.  The mood lighting you’ll get is incredibly soothing. 
  6. Sound.  Investing in a good home sound system can transform your life in a good way.  Music has a major effect on mood. Being able to hear the sounds you enjoy while you walk through your home is worth it.  
  7. Vanity Zone.  You need a space that makes you feel like a woman.  The best way to do this is to set aside a small area in your home that is just for you.  This can be as simple as a desk or table, with a good mirror, lighting and some way to store your makeup and beauty products.  You deserve to feel like a queen when you’re getting ready for a night out. Use the Estala Hollywood LED Vanity Mirrorto accomplish this. 
  8. Remove Clutter.  Let’s face it, clutter is ugly.  But not only that. When we have incomplete things in our homes, it sucks our attention toward them.  This can detract from your focus on calm and peace. Take the time to go through those piles of paper, donate that old stuff to a charity, put your old things in the garage and move on.  You will feel so much better when your home is organized and free of junk. 
  9. Make a Passion Space.  Every girl has a hobby (If you don’t, find one!).  Something that we love, that makes us feel good. It could be yoga, art, pottery, puzzles or anything else.  Whatever it is that gets you in the zone, create a space just for that thing. It could be just a small corner of a room.  But you must have a YOU space. 
  10. Have a Bath.  Few things in life are more relaxing than a good bath.  Turn on the water, use a good epsom salt or bath bomb and get soaking.  No bath is complete without your favorite show, book or a glass of wine, but how do you do it without making a mess?  TheEstala Bath Caddy is the answer.