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How To Fulfill Your Dreams No Matter The Hardships In Your Way - Young Boss Podcast

Young Boss Podcast by Jomely Breton -

Have you ever had a dream and you make sure you fulfill it no matter what gets in your way? Well today you are going to listen to the most inspirational story I have heard myself. 

Someone, who no matter what hardships she has faced, has never given up. I will introduce to you Esta, Founder of Estala Skin Care:

1. So Esta, tell us a little bit more about yourself and what you currently do.

Answer:I've been in the mortgage industry for 30 years, I help people make their dreams come true. I started my skincare line about 2 years ago along with beauty accessories. 

2. What made you get into beauty and creating your skincare line?

Answer:In 1987 I was a passenger in a vehicle not wearing a safety belt and I was stuck on the windshield. I was in the hospital for several months and I couldn't work for several years, but you could say that the accident saved my life.  When I was young my step-father beat me and I chose wrong lifetime partners and where my life was going you could probably say my accident saved me. So, after I recovered from my accident I just felt like I was given another chance in life. My dream before this happened was to go to FIT New York, but I knew that I couldn't do that because I would be going through years of surgery on my face. At the same time, I lost my Mom to breast cancer and I was an only child so I moved here to Florida and I found a plastic surgeon that did [helped] deformed babies. Because he could do them, they were changing [growing] and I wasn't.  He was my doctor. 

In 2010, he told me that he was taking a job at All Children's Hospital as their Head Plastic Surgeon - I was thinking "oh my god what am I going to do?" 

So, I was introduced to the most amazing woman, Dr. Diana Elias. What that woman did in 2 years no one could do in a lifetime. She was a plastic surgeon and a bone specialist. One of the surgeries was 7 1/2 hours, the other was 2 1/2 hours but she gave me closure. Like that was it, I was down for 2 years while she did that but it kind of helped me go on with my life. 

Because I was not working for a couple of years with her doing that and I didn't care, I gave up everything because this woman was going to finish my face. So, not working and going back into the mortgage industry I started working with entrepreneurs and watching them seeing what they were doing, making their dreams come true. So I started asking a lot of questions like "hey! I wan't to do that! Teach me this." 

I started selling on Amazon, through this time I had tried so many creams on my face and nothing worked with my scars - like nothing! I came across this pharmacy and we created a formula that would just help with scarring and youthfulness - just everything! They showed me what to do, how to private label and I started doing that. I did the skincare line and I wanted to do other things too, so I did some beauty accessories because it's so important to make yourself feel beautiful.    

And that is what I did through my years, with my face I couldn't really take pictures - well I didn't want to take pictures and I worked out and did so many different things so that people wouldn't notice my face as much. 

3. That is a very touching story, because with the hardships that you went through you still didn't give up and you found a dream through all of that. You didn't get to go to FIT which was your main goal and your dream but you were able to find something else that you loved and something that motivated you and gave you that passion. So with that being said, you created this skincare brand not just for yourself but for other people out there, so who's your demographic and why do you create that for other people?

Answer: My demographic is from 28-59, from 28-35 they have acne, maybe prenatal acne, there are just so many things that can go up to 35 and also the accessories are for young people. For over 35 there is the anti-aging line and also the beauty accessories too. With these creams you only need just a little bit and you would see a difference in a couple of weeks.

4. Awesome. You have a beautiful brand, a beautiful company. I have some of your products and I absolutely love them! Whoever is listening to this right now and goes to my Instagram and if they see a beautiful Vanity Mirror that's from Estala! So Esta, with your company overall, what is your ultimate goal?

Answer: My ultimate goal is to empower women, because every woman deserves to feel beautiful. I would like to go into as many countries as I can just to help women.

5. That's beautiful, a lot of women sometimes go through things or have certain things, I know I posted an Instagram post one time about my scar and I had so many people in my dms relating to my story and things I went through and that was just a tiny little scar. So I can only imagine with the things that you went through, have you ever had any people reach out to you and just feel whatever you went through and thank you for telling the story or being there for the same situation?

Answer:Yes, some people have reached out to me and thanked me for sharing my story with them, I just kind of shared it recently, you know even people that I went to high school with 40 years ago they just learned about me.

6. That's very impressive and that's a lot of courage right there to start sharing a story now, you know it's better later than never. With that being said, earlier you mentioned a lot of social media platforms so out of those platforms which one is your favorite and why and how do you portray your message through that platform?

Answer: I love Instagram, because the women on Instagram have encouraged me to follow my dreams, they have helped promote my products, they share it with their followers and I share my story with them. When I share my story with them - I am not a big brand trying to sell something, I have a story behind my brand and they want to help me, they want to help me succeed so the women that I have met on Instagram have been amazing.

7. Awesome. Well thank you for sharing your story here on the Young Boss Platform because a lot of people sometimes need to hear that things can get hard, can get very difficult and it can even get worse after that but there is no limit - the sky is the limit you should never give up.

Answer: What I decided to do too is because of things happening in my life, I found an organization that I want to contribute to, it's Pace [Center for Girls] in Pinellas County and they help girls in Junior High and High School and I would like to donate to them.

8. That's very beautiful Esta, you are building a beautiful brand and a beautiful platform, anyone that I tell your story to they get touched and they definitely want to support. I have something funny that I would like to end the podcast off with. I remember when you and I were talking about the Young Boss Platform and you messaged me like "Hey, I want to join but I am not young!" So, with that being said you are now part of the Young Boss Group Chat and part of the platform you have met a lot of the beautiful people that are in the platform and I wanted to ask you what does Young Boss mean to you? 

Answer: To achieve your dreams and connect with people.

9. That's awesome, and have you gotten any benefit from being part of this platform and this group chat?

Answer: Yes the drive and the inspiration and motivation and beautiful women!