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How to Choose the Best Vanity Mirror

A vanity mirror with lights is an essential piece in your cosmetic collection and makeup session. Either when applying makeup or choosing the best accessories to match your outfit, a vanity mirror is necessary.

Having the perfect vanity mirror when applying makeup adds up to the best result when you're working on your appearance. A mirror that provides glamorous lighting (and feel) with exceptional clarity is always the best pick.

When choosing a vanity mirror to use for your daily skin routine or makeup application, it is important to choose the one that has their own light source that fits your needs. The size & style and the lighting configuration is another factor you should check as well.

The size of the vanity mirror you should pick depends on your needs. If you travel a lot, a pocket-size vanity mirror would be best for you, but if you love to own your space while making yourself pretty and ready for the day, a large tabletop vanity mirror with lights fits you.

It's important to choose a vanity mirror that gives a natural form of light for a better viewing experience. The ability to adjust the brightness settings is as much important as to what color of lipstick to put on. A fully adjustable lighting setting is ideal for a more viewing option for an easy makeup application, so you don't have to worry about imperfect makeup ever again.

Here at Estala Skin Care, we offer not just glam but complete convenience and value with our HOLLYWOOD VANITY MAKEUP MIRROR! Unlike other makeup mirrors that are not bright enough, our Hollywood Table Make Up Vanity Mirror allows you to choose your ideal brightness setting by simply tapping the LED vanity mirror screen powered by a smart touch technology.

Another best feature of this fantastic vanity mirror is the softly diffused LED light that perfectly imitates natural lightning. The softer type of light gives incredible results as you do your finishing touches to your make up for the day. Its bright LED lights bulbs are fully adjustable, not only for brightness but also for warmth. Plus, it has LIGHTING MEMORY FUNCTION that can store your personalized setting information, so you don't have to adjust it every time to get that perfect makeup light.

This professional tabletop mirror is sturdy and built to last with its polished steel, rust-resistant 5mm imported mirror glass. The LED light bulb has an incredible 50,000hour lifespan so you'll never have to worry about bulbs burning out. It even has a convenient, built-in DIGITAL CLOCK that keeps you on track of the time making sure that you’re never late for work or appointments!

You will surely enjoy the sleek and luxurious design of our Holywood vanity mirror and feel absolutely like a celebrity while putting that makeup on. This is simply the perfect and most loved vanity mirror you can get in the market!

Make this a gorgeous addition to your makeup desk or make someone feel special by giving this as a gift this coming holiday season! Feel free to go into our shop today and start having that Holywood vibe in you!