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How I Keep Myself Positive as a Young Entrepreneur - Jomely Breton

Young Boss you are busy, you fail, you get tired, people tell you; you can’t do it…

As a Young Boss we can be very ambitious and we will experience a lot of stress, failure, anxiety and more. I do not shy away from my personal experiences I let you guys know a lot that goes on in my life and film myself because it is all part of the grand journey.

Staying positive while building your empire is one of the most important priorities. Being able to do all your work but allowing yourself to sleep, rest, eat and even have fun.

I tent to get stress acne and I am so happy I allow myself to take some time at night and in the morning to have a nice skincare routine while using my trusted Estala skin care products ( that are so healthy and do that extra work for me no matter what plans stress has for me.

In order to stay positive, you have to learn about self-love.  We make it easy to judge ourselves and we forget our inner self love, not the bubble baths and Netflix time or procrastination… But allowing to love your inner self and being happy with who you are as a whole and where you are at in your journey even if you are not at the finish line. 

As an entrepreneur is hard to live a normal life. Facing self-doubt can really be a challenge when you are trying to achieve a positive mindset. 

Whether you are employed, you are building your business, you are in school, you’re going up the ladder and other people are telling you can’t, you have faced failure, you are going through self-doubt and giving up thoughts you are not alone. 

Some things that I do to stay positive as a Young CEO and College student with a Job is:

1.    I wake up early and play a motivational speech.

2.    I write down what I am grateful for as well as I journal about being grateful for what I don’t have yet as if it has happened.

3.    I collect energy crystals and keep them near my workspace and sleep space.

4.    I tell myself that “I am a boss” and no one can stop me.

5.    I remove negative people whether this is getting a lower dose of them slowly or fully cutting people out.

6.    I avoid “what ifs” statements and act like I know what is coming next (even if it’ not exactly my desired outcome).

7.    Try to find the humor in the situation and laugh about it. This won’t allow the negative thoughts to come in your brain and ground you with your feelings.

8.    Stick to your SMART goals and be grateful when you achieve them one by one.

9.    See others as a motivation to succeed.

10.  When you fall, get up and move on.

 And with that I will tell you what my mom always says “patra ni pa’ cojer impulso” which basically means don’t step back not even to push or collect momentum!   

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This blog is originally written by Jomely Breton -