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Holiday Travel & Skincare Like A Pro


You’ve probably seen all kinds of advice about how to take care of your skin when traveling this holiday season, however there can be a lot of bad information out there. 

Today we’re going to share our best holiday skincare tips that will keep you glowing throughout your holiday travels!


Minimize - When on the go, minimize your routine down to the bare essentials.


Transfer Products Carefully - Know which products to put in to smaller containers. Many ingredients can start to degrade with exposure to air, so transferring them into a jar or small container could harm their effectiveness.

Care For Your Eyes - Moisturize around your eyes in addition to your face.  This is especially important during colder weather.

Bring Cleanser - Put that cleanser in a travel size bottle. These are one of the few products you can transfer into any travel-size container because the ingredients are stable whether exposed to air or not.

Forget The Extra Stuff - Scrubs, cleansing brushes, or other cleansing devices can stay at home; a soft washcloth with your face cleanser works perfectly. 


Of course, don’t forget to bring any specialized products that you need (like acne spot treatment) and enjoy your travel to the fullest!