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Goodbye Stress: 8 Steps For The Most Relaxing Bath

The relaxing effects of bathing, and its relationship with our well-being cannot be debated.  

We all enjoy a nice hot soak in the tub.  

However, you can make the experience even more soothing with a few essentials, tips & tricks.  Let’s dive right in to your perfect bath time. 

Temperature.  Dim the lights and make sure your bath is the right temperature. A warm bath is best for relaxing your body. If it’s too hot, you could get dizzy, we don’t want that especially if you’ll be enjoying a glass of wine too. 

Aroma.  Add some scented oil when your bath is halfway full. Lavender or rose oil are great choices because of their naturally relaxing effects.

Sound. Adding audio stimulation can add an even deeper layer to your self-care time.  Whether it’s your favorite playlist, or relaxing spa music, this is sure to enhance the experience.  

Light.  Not too bright, not too dark.  That’s the goal. The best way to achieve this is with dim or ambient light nearby and a few candles.  Light them up and you’ll feel heavenly in no time. 

Taste. Bring some of your favorite bites or drinks along.  You can even treat yourself to a nice glass of wine, champagne, strawberries, chocolates, etc. Whatever you like, it’s your special time. Place it within easy reach, but far enough away that it will not fall in the bathtub (we’ll get to that).  

Visuals.  These can be in your mind, or on a screen.  Break out that book you’ve been meaning to read, or that netflix show on your tablet and immerse yourself. This is your distraction free time to focus on something that interests you. 

Organization.  When you’re in the bath, you should be able to relax both body and mind.  To achieve this, you need to organize your essentials. No more ruined books, wet electronics or spilled beverages.  This is why we developed theEstala Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray

Attire. Your “me time” doesn’t have to end when you step out of the bath.  Use some fluffy towels that make you feel warm and comfortable, or a nice bathrobe. You can even warm your towel by placing it on a radiator while you’re in the bath. This way, it will be nice and warm when you come out of your bath.