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Get Healthy Nails With This Winter Routine

While it may be the season for chapped lips, it doesn’t have to be the season for ugly brittle nails!  Use these tips for your nail care this season, and even continue it all year round. 

The dried out air requires a slightly different winter nail care routine than what was needed in the more humid summer months. To keep your nails in tip-top shape and ready for spring, try this winter nail care routine:

Lotion: Use hand lotion at least three times per day, but it would be better to slather it on after each hand-washing that gets done throughout the day.

Hand Cream: Use a heavy and thick hand cream at night. This thick cream will seal in the moisture while you are sleeping. Some people opt to wear gloves that keep the moisture in, but if you can’t stand to sleep in gloves, just a thick heavy cream will do.

Cuticle Oils: Use cuticle oil at least one time per day. Try putting it on in the morning and then again in the afternoon. The oil will keep your cuticles from turning into a chewed-up mess.

Trim Shorter: Keep your nails a little shorter in the winter months. Having longer nails will lead to more snags and breaks since they will already be a little more brittle than usual. Keep them trim while the winter winds are blowing.

Dry Smarter:  To avoid some at-home nail care woes, use our LED Nail Dryer.  It uses powerful (and safe) UV light to cure your nails in minutes, saving you time and reducing the mess of painting your nails at home.