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Five Secrets Learned at Makeup Artist School

Learning is really important if you are dedicated to what you do that is why I am very excited to share these 5 amazing tips that I think everyone should know about.


1. Skin Health is Super Important

Before any trick about makeup and accessories, the main thing that was taught in the Makeup artist school is the base, which is the skin, is the most important thing. No makeup can give you perfect skin, but perfect skin can give you a flawless makeup. It all starts from within.  So the basic is to take care of your skin health so any makeup application will be much easier for you. Flawed skin usually gives us a hard time to get creative in our makeup, so it is important that the first thing we want to achieve is healthy and clear skin. Estala offers separate lines of regimens to deal with acne and aging. 


2. Invest in High-Quality Tools and Products

If you want to achieve that flawless makeup you have to get yourself the right tools for the job. Your tools and your makeup are as important as your makeup skills. If you want to apply your makeup like a pro, use great tools and products and see that the application would be better. Using low-quality tools and products can make the quality of your makeup suffer that's why it's not really bad to spend money with quality tools and products as it helps a lot in making a difference to a better makeup application. Think of it as an investment.


3. Always Clean Your Accessories

Having high-quality accessories can be a big help but if you are not taking care of them, you are just wasting money. A great example is your makeup brushes. You can invest in high-quality brushes but if you're not taking care of them and cleaning them regularly, the amount of money you invested in your brushes is a lost opportunity. Your dirty brushes hide makeup leftovers and acne-causing bacterias and other irritants that can cause serious skin problems. Plus, unclean makeup brushes are one of the reasons why your makeup doesn't blend well. So it is really necessary to clean them.  Remember that clean makeup brushes will leave your skin healthier and will ensure your makeup glides on perfectly. Estala Skin Care has a powerful Luxury Make Up Brush Cleaner that helps remove build up from brush tip to base - with no breakage. You can read more in our previous blog about how you can maintain clean makeup brushes.


4. Love but Conceal Your Flaws

It is always thought in makeup school to love your own reflection no matter what. Their makeup lesson teaches to not hate our flaws but just to conceal them. So the best tip they teach is about perfectly covering up unwanted spots. To hide zits and unwanted redness or spots on your face, you have to know how to identify a suitable color to cover up the spot. One primary lesson about this is that opposite colors cancel each other. For example, to cover redness, a green pigmented concealer can do the magic, and using a beige concealer can only make it look muddy.


5. Opposite Colors Can Complement Each Other

Colors are fascinating and can do wonders. You can try to use opposite colors to your advantage. It really depends on your application. It's true that as mentioned above that opposite colors cancels each other when you layer them on top of one another, but if you place two or three colors side by side, that's a different thing. One perfect example is a blue eye that can be truly highlighted by using an orange undertone. On your next makeup application, you can play around different color tones and experiment how they can complement each other.

These are my top 5 favorites and amazing tips I learned from makeup school but one is truly my favorite. It is that loving and caring for your skin is yet the most important thing you should focus on. Any tricks and hacks wouldn't work if you have missed the very foundation. That is why Estala Skin Care is dedicated to our goal of making everyone love their own reflection and so we are continuing in offering Top Quality Skin Care and Beauty Accessories products so you can look good and feel good no matter what.