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Featured in BELLA Magazine’s Summer Edition: The Hope Issue

We are so honored to be featured in BELLA Magazine’s most recent addition.  This issue, the Hope Edition, means a lot to us at Estala. Our goal has always been to inspire and empower. 

Here’s a quick overview, please do go and check out the full version fromBELLA Magazine.

“And while hope may be a word we use when things are going well, with the current state of our world, hopeful may not be the best word to describe it.

We’ve collectively seen tragedy, heart-break, and pain. We are afraid, we are sad, we are angry. And yet, in spite of all of this, some pretty wonderful things are happening.

You may want to believe that you have no power. You may want to believe that there’s no reason to act, that you can’t win. Hope is the gift you don’t have to surrender. It’s a power you don’t have to give away.

Hope is a force you can always source from, even when the glass has nothing in it at all.

Hope is a perception. And hope has the possibility of creating reality. Hope is activism.

Our world may look stark and it would be tempting to lose hope. We believe that holding on to hope, especially the one that emanates from looking into our children’s eyes and holding their hands, it makes it even more important to hold on tightly to a vision of a better future.”

We would also like to thank you incredible women and staff at Bella Magazine such as Lynette Barbieri, Jennifer DeCillis, Raffaela Pontecorvo and Vanessa Coppes (she is Bella).