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Exercise Has a Profound Effect on your Skin

 I'm sure you've heard many, many times about how important it is to get plenty of healthy exercise.   It's great for your muscle tone, your heart, your lungs, your emotional health, and your attitude toward life.

But did you know, fresh air and exercise both promote healthy, younger-looking skin. It's true.   You can see it in the fresh faces of people as they come off a long hike, or a brisk walk on a breezy afternoon.

While most of the medical community, naturally enough, focuses on all the many other physical and mental benefits of physical activity, dermatologists and other skin care professionals will tell us that anything that promoted healthy circulation and filling our cells with fresh oxygen, also promotes healthy and vibrant skin.

Here's how it works:

Blood, moving through your body, carries nutrients and oxygen to all your cells, including those in your skin. Exercise increases the blood flow, which nourishes the skin cells, keeping them vital and alive. In addition to the nourishment and oxygen the blood brings to your cells, the blood flow also helps flush out cellular debris by carrying away waste products, including free radicals. It's been said that exercise is a way of cleaning your skin from the inside.

If you have a dermatological condition such as rosacea, psoriasis, or acne, you may need to take special care, but don't let that stop you from getting exercise. The benefits of exercise always outweigh any temporary problems it might cause.

Stay active - your body, from heart and lungs to skin will thank you every day of your life.

Tips for Protecting Your Skin During Exercise

 * The main risk when exercising outside is exposure to the rays of the sun. Too much sunlight can increase the risk of skin cancer and more rapidly age the skin. This risk is easily avoided by not exercising outdoors during peak sunlight hours – between 10AM and 4PM. You can also cover your skin in light clothing and wear a hat. Using a strong sun screen on exposed parts of the body, such as the face all also help protect you from the sun.       (Estala Skin Care Products work great for protecting your skin.)

* Increased body temperatures and skin flushing from exercise can cause a flare-ups in rosacea sufferers. For these individuals, dermatologists recommend exercising in a cool environment. Swimming is highly recommended, since the rise in body temperature from the exercise in counter-acted by the coolness of the pool. (Make sure you shower after your swim and use a high quality moisturizing cream – the chlorine used in most swimming pools tends to dry out the skin.)

* If you are prone to chafing, acne, or rashes, the increased perspiration caused by tight-fitting workout clothes may lead to increased irritation. In this case, you should purchase and wear moisture-wicking exercise clothes. (These clothes are made to draw moisture away from the body and to the surface of the garment, and to dry easily.) You should also make sure your skin and pores are clean before you exercise and shower immediately after.

 Whether or not you have a dermatological condition, anyone should apply a soothing skin moisturizer after showering to help prevent skin irritation or accidental sun exposure.

 Leading an active lifestyle and using great skin care products to protect the skin will keep you looking young and vibrant.