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DIY Hair Masks You Need To Try

Hair masks are quick, yet effective ways to provide your hair with amazing benefits, all in less than 30 minutes.  Think of them like a super high powered conditioner.  

Sure, many salons offer special (and expensive) hair treatments, but you can get similar results right at home. 

These are the hair masks you need to try: 

Banana + Yogurt + Honey Hair Mask - Best For Frizzy Hair: 

Bananas are like secret wonders for hair conditioning. They’re loaded with nutrients like potassium, natural oils and vitamins.  These can help lock in moisture and eliminate that frizz. 

Yogurt has high levels of lactic acid, which can help treat dull and damaged hair. 


1 sliced banana

2 tablespoons of plain yogurt

1 tablespoon of honey 

  1. Thoroughly mash and blend the ingredients together.  You can also blend them. 
  2. Apply the mask from top to bottom, to damp hair. 
  3. Tie up your hair and cover with a shower cap
  4. Leave on for 30 minutes
  5. Rinse with regular shampoo and conditioner

Say goodbye to that annoying frizz! 

Coconut Oil + Avocado + Honey

Ever wonder why health nuts tout avocados as an essential ingredient to a well-balanced meal? That's because the guacamole ingredient is a natural, healthy fat, which offers nearly 20 different vitamins and minerals including potassium, folate (which repairs damaged cells), Vitamins C and E (which both promote hair growth). In other words, avocados add shine, moisturize, provide your hair with essential vitamins and proteins, and even help protect your hair against heat and everyday wear.


1 avocado

2 eggs

1 tablespoon of honey

1 tablespoon of Coconut Oil

  1. Mash avocado and put the mash in a mixing bowl.
  2. Add eggs, honey, and oil to the avocado mixture and mix well.
  3. Apply to your hair from the ends to the roots.
  4. Let sit for 15-20 minutes.
  5. Rinse.