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Bella Magazine: The Arts & Culture Edition

We are so excited to announce our featured editorial and advertisement in Bella Magazine

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Be sure to check out the full editorial in Bella Mag

Gain an insight into Esta's inspirational story or resilient beauty and the story of how Estala Skin Care started.

Here’s a sneak peak of one of the questions from the editorial:

Esta, your story is so moving, thank you for sharing it with us. Tell us what that moment was like when you finally found someone who could help give you your life back and the moment you decided you would pursue skincare, to help serve others that way you were helped.

Dr. Diana Elias gave me my life back, which ultimately gave me closure. After years of surgery with different doctors, I found her and had my final two surgeries. After that, I was able to take pictures with my family and friends again without having to explain my accident each time.

Although my plastic surgery had been completed, I still was left with facial scarring. I set out on a journey to feel confident in my own skin again. I worked with dozens of doctors and tried countless products. Eventually, I came to the realization that I had to do this myself. I worked with a pharmacist to develop skincare formulas that actually worked.

As I used these products, my skin finally began to heal properly. When people started to comment on how youthful I looked for 60 years old, I knew that I was onto something. 

I wanted others to be able to experience the benefits of these wonderful products, that is why I founded Estala Skin Care.

My accident made me who and what I am today. I love life and people. You can say that my accident saved my life, otherwise I probably would not be here telling you my story.

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