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Achieve Work-Life Balance This Summer

Do you find yourself gazing longingly out of your office window this summer? 

Perhaps you’re counting down the days to weekend freedom?  

The sunshine beckons, and workers all over the world have only three months to sneak in fun in the sun.

So how do you manage your busy workload and still make the most of summer? 

Here are a couple fun work-life balance tips to make things easier. You really can get your job done and still enjoy the sunshine.

Work-Life Balance This Summer with Friends

  1. Picnic — At Work. Your kids and some of your friends are out on summer break and enjoying swimming, museums, sports and more. If you’re at work, you’re missing out. The best way to stay involved in their summer fun is the only leisure hour during the working day, lunch. Invite your family or friends to a picnic lunch on your corporate campus or at a local park. Pack a meal, a blanket and some sporting equipment for a speed date with important people in your life. 
  2.  Don’t Talk About Work So Much. Work can be full of joy, but it can also be full of stress at times. It’s okay to talk about your work, especially if it’s something you really love! But, if that’s all you ever talk about – are you really striving for a positive work-life balance? Sometimes you might not even notice you talk about work all of the time. Try to be aware and intentional about your conversations with others. Of course there are times that you can chat about work, but don’t let that be the central focus of your conversations. There are plenty of other enjoyable and important things to talk about this summer. 
  3. Be Sure To Schedule Downtime. When you choose to schedule downtime instead of leaving it up to wherever it falls in your week, you’re actually creating a better work-life balance. When you schedule self-care or “me” time into your week, you’re acknowledging that youneedthat time to recuperate and to find balance. If you have scheduled downtime and something else comes up, try your best to stick to your schedule anyways. 
  4. Plan Free Fridays. Three-day weekends are rejuvenation magic and a great way to sneak away for a mini-vacation, whether you’re hitting the beach or just planning a staycation. By taking just three personal days, you can have three different vacations in a three-month period. Go crazy and take the following Monday off, as well — your friends and family will love it.
  5. Take A Walk.  That sounds simple, well it is!  It’s so easy to get sucked into email jail and back-to-back meetings (trust us – we know) that you might not even see the sun during the work week. That needs to change ASAP. Sunshine is a healing, rejuvenating natural phenomenon. It also happens to be great for your skin, and your tan. During your lunch break or just when you feel that email slump coming on, get out of your office chair and head outside for five minutes – we promise you’ll see a difference.

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