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5 Ways To Boost Your Confidence & Increase Happiness

Self-confidence is a complicated thing.  It’s called SELF-confidence for a reason, but it’s pretty tough to feel confident if there are other people/things/society constantly reminding you that you’re not good enough, pretty enough, rich enough, stylish enough, etc.

So today, we’re giving you five ways that you can boost your confidence and  increase your happiness. Take notes!

  • Let Go Of Negative Influences.  It’s really hard to walk away from people, or cut people off – especially if you love them.  But you have to recognize that they are negative influences in your life. Whether they cut you down, make you feel ugly or incapable, tell you you’re not good enough, or refuse to love you or be there for you the way you would for them – LET THEM GO.  Tell yourself over and over again that you deserve better, and you’ll find the strength to walk away. It may seem scary to be without that person, but there is something more wonderful waiting for you on the other side. Additionally, simply removing negative people off your social media can do wonders for your overall happiness. 

  • Take Note Of The Good Things.  This practice has been suggested / recommended / shared by some of the world’s most successful people (and experts in self-love, happiness, etc.).  Writing down what you’re grateful for, will serve as reminders of how blessed we are, and shift our perspective to focusing on what we DO have, instead of constantly worrying about what we DON’T.

  • Book A Getaway ASAP. If you’re going through something difficult – whether it’s heartbreak, work troubles, or just feel like you’re stuck in a rut, please do yourself a favor and book a trip to a place that you’ve never been before.  And if you can’t find anyone to go with you, GO ALONE. It will help you build your self-confidence by forcing you to rely on yourself. You will be surprised at how many people you’ll meet, and how many friendships you’ll build.

  • Find A Hobby.  Do you have a hobby?  If you do, make some time out of your schedule to practicing, and getting better at it.  If you don’t have a passion or hobby – or aren’t sure what you want to do yet, try anything and everything because you’ll find what it is that you DON’T like – which will get you closer to finding out what it is that you do.

  • Put You First.  We all have others in our lives.  While focusing on them is vital, in order to improve yourself you need to be the priority.  Take time to do things you want to, and work toward your own real goals. This can be as simple as signing up for that yoga class, or as brave as finally starting that new business.

5 Ways To Boost Your Confidence & Increase Happiness