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5 Tips For Perfect Nails At Home

Remember the days when painting your nails was just a silly sleepover activity for girls night? Well, sleepovers may be a thing of the past for you, but easy nail care doesn’t have to be!

Applying your favorite varnish, and all that goes along with it, should be an easy and fun process. Yes, you can get professional looking nails right at home.  

Pay attention to these 5 Tips. 

  1. Pull Off Polish:  Saturate a cotton ball with nail polish remover.  Cover your nail with the cotton and allow the liquid to naturally pull the polish from your nail, rather than forcefully rubbing. 
  2. Coats Are Key: Base coat helps protect nails and make polish stick, while top coat keeps color in place. It will pay off in the long run to use them both, especially since base coat will prevent your nail bed from being dyed the color of the polish. When applying any polish on your nails, use three strokes (one in the center, one down each side) and then cap it to keep the paint fresh.
  3. Dry Every Layer:  Allow each layer of polish to dry. This will save you from having to deal with dents and lines/ This can be tedious, so we recommend using an LED Nail Dryer
  4. Mix Instead Of Shake: Don't shake the nail polish bottle, instead, roll it between your palms. This mixes the polish without causing air bubbles. This will result in a smoother and more even application
  5. Read The Labels: Just as with makeup and skincare, not all nail polish brands are created equal, so make sure you're buying or using a good product. Steer clear of polishes containing toxic chemicals like dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, and toluene, as these toxins can contribute to brittleness, splitting, and cracking.

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5 tips for perfect nails at home