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Your Guide Glowing Holiday Skin


Party planning, shopping, late night parties, non-stop eating, and alcohol, these things can have massive effects on your skin. Is your skin ready for the holiday stress? You may freak out a little but here are some holiday skin care tips to get you through unscathed!


Today we share how you can keep your glow while dealing with all the holiday stress and maintain a beautiful complexion all season long!



Sure you have a lot of things to do like cooking, wrapping gifts and decorating. But don’t forget the basics. Start your day by washing your skin with a gentle facial cleanser or if you have more time between the day, do it often. It will remove the sweat and other pore-clogging debris from your face.


Stay Hydrated

We usually indulge in holiday drinks during parties but a couple extra cocktails can make you dehydrated, and can take a toll on your skin's appearance. If you can't avoid alcohol, drink water whenever you can so you still stay hydrated. Being hydrated is very essential to maintain a glowing look. Also, remember to hydrate on the outside of your skin by applying a moisturizer or a serum. Check out ourCell Repair Serum that replenishes your skin with a burst of intense and lasting hydration.



Get a Good Night Sleep

You’re rushing over a lot of things so you may often sacrifice sleeping hours. But neglecting a good night sleep can cause not only health but beauty related problems in the future. When you’re sleep deprived, our body produces more stress hormones that are responsible for skin conditions such as acne breakouts. Lack of sleep also makes you look tired and fatigued and will manifest in your eyes. Combat your tired-looking puffy eyes with a good eye cream that can revitalize your whole look. See ourRevitalizing Eye Cream for your option.


Don’t Skip Your Skin Care Ritual

Since it is a special occasion, we usually apply more makeup during the Holiday. And that is the main reason why your skin care regimen shouldn’t be taken for granted. Always remember in order to maintain a glowing and healthy skin, we have to be consistent in taking care of it. So the holiday shouldn’t be an excuse. It can sure save you a few minutes, but your skin will thank you one day for not skipping your skincare routine.