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4 Steps to Reduce Anxiety’s Effects On Your Skin

The Coronavirus has everyone’s anxiety levels heightened.  

Here are some steps you can take right now, at home to reduce your anxiety and lessen the toll it’s taking on your skin. 

  1. Take this as an opportunity to detox your skin. Steam helps detoxify your skin and prepare it for exfoliation and masks. Most importantly, it helps you relax. If you don’t have a steamer, you can use a warm washcloth. 

  1. Masks are an awesome way to pamper and add nutrients to your skin. Sheet masks are great because there a variety of kinds to address specific skin concerns. Put on netflix and chill! 

  1. Pamper your eyes.  For many of us, the first signs of stress show up around our eye area. Signs include-dark circles and puffiness. You can use an eye mask or cool eye compresses such as cucumber slices to wake up and soothe the eye area. 

  1. Soak it up! Finally, the last way to unwind is by taking a warm bath filled with bath salts or essential oils. Warm baths can help you sleep better, soothe and moisturize your skin.