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4 Insider Secrets For At Home Skincare

De-Puff Naturally

Steep two bags of green tea in hot water, then remove them and allow them time to cool. Lie down and place one bag over each eye for three minutes. The caffeine in the tea will help tighten the tissue, as well as reduce puffiness. Next, place two spoons that have been chilled in the freezer over your eyes for five minutes, gently applying pressure outward toward your temples. The cold metal will help de-puff and reduce tired circles.

Your Mask + Yoga

Try yoga to pass the time when using a mask.  Doing the downward dog can make your skin feel like it’s kicking the mask into overdrive. It’s no secret that yoga is good for your circulation and lymphatic system.

Kitchen Skincare Secret

We all hate stripping down the skin—It’s been found that sunflower oil is one of the most effective cleansers. Massage the oil in [without using any water] and then remove it with a warm wet muslin cloth. The oil helps make skin soft, smooth, and it thins the oil in the pores to remove debris, which could potentially lead to a blemish. It is really great for all skin types.

Invest in an At-Home Microneedling Device

At home devices, like ourDerma Roller help the skin produce more collagen and elastin, and help accelerate healing from any damage the cells may have including pigmentation and premature aging. Use clean, non-chemical topical products for the best results.