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3 Oily Skin Facts You Should Remember

You must be tired of dealing with your oily skin, aren’t you? Does it give you a hard time putting your make up on? Does it give you enough stress for causing more blemishes on your face? Here we list down some important facts about your oily skin to guide you in a better understanding of your skin type so you can address your skin care concern the right way.

  1. An Oily Skin is not a Dirty Skin

You might feel like washing your face often can solve your oily skin problems, but no. Having oily skin doesn't mean that your face is dirty, so you need not to wash it more than thrice daily. As mentioned to our previous blog, having oily skin is caused by an overproduction of oil glands. If you wash your face more often than recommended, and worst if you’re using alcohol-based products that can dry up the skin, your skin will think it needs to produce more oil. Which is exactly the opposite effect we were wishing to have. When washing your face pick a gentle cleanser like ourAcne Stop Facial Cleanser that gently removes excess oil and leaves your face feeling clean and refreshed.

  1. Oily Skin Needs Some Moisturizing Too

If you think that with oily skin you are getting enough moisture, you have to think again. Just because you already have too much oil on your face you are exempted of moisturizing. As mentioned before, oily skin still needs to be hydrated. Moisturize to make sure you give your skin enough moisture it needs so it won't need to produce more oil for you. OurAcne Stop Gentle Gel will help moisturize your skin and experience less oil while fighting stubborn acne.

  1. Using Cosmetics To Cover Up The Oil Can Have A Completely Different Effect

Yes, the only way to cover up the annoying oil is with makeup and there are a lot of brands dedicated for oily skins. Thus a lot of people still doesn't know that oily skin responds better with oil-based products rather than alcohol-based products that literally strip off the oil in your skin, making it drier causing your glands to overcompensate for the lost oil. You can read about this on our previous blog. But the source of oily skin is much deeper than the surface. Cosmetics can actually block pores that can leave your complexion to be more oily. Also, take time to audit your cosmetic products with harsh ingredients that can strip off your natural oil. I am a believer that a good skin care regimen is a foundation of healthy skin, so you don't need to cover up anymore. Check out our completeAcne Regimen to help you out in starting a healthy skin care routine.

The bottom line is experiencing an oily skin can be resolved right at its core. A better understanding of how oily skin works can help you address the problem in a more effective way. It is not an overnight treatment but with the appropriate products designed for the exact skin type you have, you can experience visible results. Such products that Estala Skin Care offers.