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3 Hidden Causes For Your Acne Breakouts

Picture this: you’ve started an acne-prone skin care regimen, you cut out sugar from your diet, you drink plenty of water, you go to sleep on a clean pillowcase every night, and you’re living a stress-free life… so why are you still experiencing acne breakouts? Before you search the depths of the internet for how to get rid of acne, check out these three unassuming things that may be the root of your skin woes.

Three Secret Acne Causes

Makeup: While you may look over makeup as a cause of acne if you go to sleep with a clean face every night, think again. Not all makeup is created equal. Look for a foundation that is labeled “non-comedogenic.” This means it won’t block pores, is oil free, and won’t take away valuable nutrients from the skin.

Speaking of makeup, it’s not just what is in the bottle that can cause acne. Your makeup brushes and sponges can collect bacteria, skin cells, and even yeast which can transfer to your face and cause acne breakouts. Be sure to clean your brush at least once a week. While you don’t need expensive brush cleaners, sometimes face wash or shampoo will work better to get all of the grime out of your brush than regular soap.

Athletic gear: Everything from your yoga mat to your football helmet can cause serious acne breakouts. Your own personal yoga mat probably has some bacteria on it, but the shared mats at your yoga class are most likely crawling with dirt, bacteria, sweat, and oils. Try to avoid putting your face on your mat, and be sure to wash your face with Acne-Stop facial cleanser right after a yoga class.

Football helmets and other sports helmets with chin straps also wreak havoc on the face. Every time you put on that helmet, it’s rubbing up against your forehead, cheeks, and chin - and it’s also full of sweat, grease, dirt, and grime that can clog pores and cause breakouts. Be sure to go into your helmet with a clean face, and wipe down the inside of your helmet with antibacterial wipes after each use.

City Life and Traveling: Living in a big city is fun and exciting, but it is also a hotbed for pollution. Polluted air full of toxins can come in direct contact with your skin, and can also enter your body through your bloodstream when you breathe in a big gulp of New York City air. Your body tries to get rid of these toxins through your skin, which can end up clogging your pores. Using a grime-busting acne face cleanser with bacteria-fighting benzoyl peroxide, as well as salicylic acid to promote exfoliation, can help prevent breakouts. (Try out our Acne-Stop facial cleanser!)

If you travel a lot, you might come home with a breakout. Sure, it could be the fact that you fell asleep on the plane with your face squished against the window, but more likely it is due to the change in environment. New places bring different humidity levels, different weather, and even different minerals in the water. Your skin is not used to this, and sometimes reacts with a fresh breakout. Our Acne-Stop gentle gel from Estala’s acne regimen is a good option for those who experience breakouts after traveling.

Still Fighting Stubborn Acne?

Estala Skin Care offers total acne regimens designed to help treat and prevent breakouts. Our high-quality acne-fighting products were designed by doctors and pharmacists to create real results - especially when other products have not worked. Check out our acne regimen for oily skin and normal skin here. Want to keep an eye on your breakouts on the go? Be sure to get our LED iPhone mirror case while it’s still on sale!