iPhone Case With LED Lights & Mirror For Perfect Makeup & Selfies

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Product Description

Mirror Phone Case with LED Lights! (Free USB Charger included)

*Perfect to do Makeup, Fix Hair and Take Selfies.*

  • FREE USD CHARGER INCLUDED. - You get a FREE USB charger that you can use to charge LED light with. Great Value.
  • STRONG PROTECTIVE CASE. Tough polycarbonate case will give durable protection from bumps, drops and, scratches.
  • ADJUSTABLE LIGHTING BRIGHTNESS - You can select the perfect lighting brightness for taking photos, when checking your makeup or for chatting on Facetime or Skype.
  • 5 LED LIGHTING SETTINGS - Easily select from flashlight through to emergency signal. All quickly and easily adjustable through the single rear button. 
  • STYLISH DESIGN - The phone case exterior is a stylish rose gold color. It looks elegant on all iPhones. Then once you open up the cover to access the mirror and LED lighting, it takes your phone to a whole new level. People will want to have a case like you do.
  • RECHARGEABLE LED LIGHTS  - The LED lights provide up to 5 hours of use and will not deplete your phone battery. You can recharge it easily with USB.
  • A PERFECT ACCESSORY - that any independent girl would love to own. Practical luxury in a quality design.
Fits -6, 6s  6 plus -7 and 7 plus -8 and 8 plus


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Buy Now On Amazon The Estala iPhone case will quickly become your favorite accessory. Its sleek and elegant looks will complement your style while its tough polycarbonate construction will protect your phone from everyday bumps and scratches, knocks and dings while allowing full access to all buttons.Hidden discreetly in the case is a generous sized mirror, perfect for checking your makeup at any time. With one click of a button, bright LED lights provide illumination no matter how dark your surroundings. Easily dimmed, you can adjust the brightness to suit the situation.There is no need to worry about using your phone battery as the integrated rechargeable battery provides hours of lighting no matter which of the 5 modes you choose.  Micro USB charging cord included with purchase.Don’t get frustrated with trying to find the flashlight app on your phone. With one click of a button the Estala iPhone case will light up.  Open the case and use the adjustable lights for reading or for temporary lighting if the power goes out.Adjust the lights to create the perfect illumination for Facetime or Skype calls and ALWAYS have the right amount of lighting for those perfect, professional looking selfies.As an added bonus, the case comes with an SOS flashing mode for emergencies.The Estala iPhone case is available in Rose Gold and will fit the following models:6, 6S, 6S Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8,8 Plus, X
-Built in Led Lights Mirror for Make Up -Remain elegant anywhere anytime. Light up any scene or selfie. -Perfect Lighting with On and Off Switch. -Micro USB charging cord included. Insensitivity of light dimmed or strengthened -Micro USB charging cord included. Long lasting battery. No drainage to Iphone battery. -Tough impact resistant plastic. Keep your iphone safe.


-6, 6s  6 plus, -7 and 7 plus -8 and 8 plus